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Dr Ishrat Hussain Dar

Happy birthday Sir. You have written an excellent article about the former youth icon of 2008 & 2010 Mr Sajad Bhai Modi. Turncoat is the apt word to describe this coward who was mesmerising while debating with Dr Jitendra Singh during the Amarnath land row. He has shamed both his illustrious father & father in law for petty gains. It is a pity that he chose to follow in the footsteps of S M Abdullah.


Faisal Nabi

Read your todays article on G.K absolute masterpiece and this article of yours made my day may Allah bless you and plz continue write such humurous articles in future.


Shabir Ahmad

I read your article in today's GK it is very informative full of knowledge and above all full of Sarcasm. I almost died of laughter. Thank you for making my day



I read your article published in daily GK today about habit of giving nicknames by kashmiris. I loved your article and it depicted the reality of our society. The tragedy of vasudev mentioned in the article was fabulous.

It was really appreciable. Hope we will get to see these type of articles in future.


Adnan Shamshad

I must say your above subjected article (GK April 28, 2016) turned out to be an interesting read.


Dr. Inder Kaul, New York

I found your article , "The sociology of Kashmiri nicknames", pretty interesting. Indeed some pseudo-westernized people (under mainly Jewish influence) have changed their family names, example Khar to Kher, etc. In my opinion this is absolutely unnecessary and stupid.

Khar in in Rigvedic-Sanskrit and Avestan-Persian means a donkey. Both are twin (cousin) languages and Aryan languages. In fact Kashmiri is a Proto Indo-Aryan language which has picked up a few Semitic words after the advent of Islam.

Ibrahim Shahdad
Srinagar, Kashmir

By writing this article you have proved to us kashmir's that there is a kind hearted Kashmiri still found in Kashmir. May God bless you. This is a great contribution you have made for this noble cause. You should put it on face book as well. The account No. of VMS SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITTEN ON THE BOTTOM of your Article. Such institutions need more exposure from people like you so that they are better recognised by the public at large.


Qamar Rahim Khan
POK Poonch (Rawalakot)

It is a great pleasure for me to read your today's article in Greater Kashmir. People like M.J. Akbar are either mistaken, living in fool's paradise or real jackals of our nation. His "Tinder Box" is also a biased analysis of recent history of subcontinent.


S G M Andrabi

Salam jenab , highly impressed by both thought & vocabulary of the writeup. "Sheikh Abdullah is the only dead whose grave is guarded from the people who worshipped him alive"


Rafi Mir

Dear Ashraf sb, It is always a pleasure to go through your write ups and today also you have beautifully presented the dynamics of Kashmir politics vis a vis historical perspective. Indeed a wonderful write up.


Gulzar Ahmad Alai

Assalamu Alaikum, It was a heart touching experience going through your write up on the kashmir bondage in today's greaterkashmir issue. At the outset i congratulate you for having such an intricate understanding of the history and its relevance viz a viz the prevailing situation. Though i hardly miss reading your articles lately, this one i treat as a masterpiece. You have been upright while being articulate. I assure you that the intelligent will take a cue from your advice and make a final correction in their behaviour, sacrifice the momentary gains in favour of a lasting good.

My best regards and complements


Mohd Muzaffar

Sir, I read out your article in Kashmir Times on page 6, titled Tagore or Golwalkar. It is a reality and eye opener for all intellectuals and readers. I would request you to send this article for publication in Greater Kashmir and Rising Kashmir so that Kashmiri people could read and get better vision about Modi.

Amit Kumar

Sir we have read your editorial in GK dt nov 5 ,2015 .I like your comments .At same time plz take consideration plight of Dalit Hindu

Abid Zargar

I think there needs to be messaging around regional tourism. The region, from Gilgit to Himachal, could be a gold mine for the adventure seekers and bring prosperity to local. We understand the political dilemma to realize the dream of regional tourism, but at least, the industry could start speaking to the possibilities and add some weight to the peace initiative.


Abid Zargar

Shah-i-Hamadan Article - Very informative article. We have such a rich history, unfortunately, we have no museum system to highlight such richness in culture and our education system is totally devoid of such history.


Zahoor A. Ahanger

It was immense pleasure to read out your Article 'Srinagar “ International” Airport!', the point reflected shows practicality and continual improvements for Kashmir Tourism.


Showkat Shah

Read your article in GK. I used to believe that Kashmir is an alleh shahar. Now after reading your article my belief has only got stronger as it has been confirmed by your goodself. The sad fact is that nobody is trying to improve the things. God save our future generations



Dear Mr Ashraf - As on the positive side Kashmir is synonymous to Apple, Saffron, Snowfall and scenic landscapes it is on the contrary and unfortunately so, synonyms to bloodshed, operations and bomb blasts.As brought by you aptly curfew and E curfew has become the order of the day.It is hoped and prayed that the time will surely come when Kashmir will be known for its "age old Kashmiriyat". Very well written piece. Waiting for more.


Sheikh Imtiaz

Your article "Go back to people".
Sir,the apprehensions expressed Mr.A.G.Noorani in his series of articles regarding a possible tie up between PDP and BJP and rightly seconded by you,has a lot more to do with the fact how and why PDP was created.It is time for PDP to reciprocate the favours.Having said that,I may also add that another election would create yet another hung assembly.BJP may likely gain more seats in Jammu region on the plea to the voters that Kashmir based parties did not honour the Jammu mandate.Actually the fracture of mandate engineered probably by the central agencies has damaged the prospectus of a single party ruling the state.PDP and BJP tie up will help the BJP to broaden its base in the state and rest will follow..

I know for sure the Mufti Mohammed Syed will not be favouring in the heart of hearts what he is being forced to do it butbthe politics of deceit does not work for long and he got trapped in a situation where he would never like to be in...


Sheikh Farhan

What a beautiful analysis of urs on AG Noorani's comments regarding the BJP-PDP alliance and a sound idea go back to people.
Sir Wud u lyk to share ua personal info wd me
m Sheikh Farhan fm Anantnag BA 1ST Yr student


Jamsheed Rasool

It was a pleasure reading your article in todays Greater Kashmir on 5-2-2015. The prudence has it that we call for fresh elections. your write up was thought provoking.



Nice info "Kashmir needs a peter" i am always impressed by ur writings u gave always uptodate information which is unknow to we peoples i am inspired of urs this skill thanks a lot sir


Dr. Mir Muzafar Bashir
MD Internal Medicine (SKIMS)

Sir you have a revved up a rather pertinent debate. The thing is a vacuum of a towering leadership breeds the desire of becoming a leader in every mediocre. Perhaps that is what sounds the death knell for the movement. Whether separatists or mainstream politicians, the real trouble is someone who can inspire others like sheikh abdullah once did. And as for as the alliance, these two parties breed on mutual distrust and hatred, even if they do "tongue & joint " a near-impossible alliance, both these parties are riddled with so much non-historic material, to allow this thing to become something historic. We as a nation have been blessed with ungodly and mediocre men, the intelligentsia is actually in deep freeze , and those who are crying hoarse , are but cawing crows humming a drab din.



I'm glad to every concept of yours, I do believe that by such transformation ideas you are teaching them , what that had been taught by their parents , the pain of people skipped by every party. I firmly believe politics is all about how gaining of benefits by playing with emotions because common masses are being dragged after casting votes , they have a certain value till under casting! People need an understanding of their value, I'm surprised why people be so wrong, The thing that makes a difference we have to value our vote!



One of the finest article in recent times and something I have reckoned to champion our aspirations. I hope and wish some level of integration regionally.


Sheikh Mukhtar

A very good comment in a comphrensive language


Amir Hussain

An excellent piece of far sightedness.Factors which should unite have been indicated.However, the roadmap is missing.



Read your article "NC-PDP Alliance. It has been well written and the idea mooted is the one that can get Kashmir out of nightmares and give nightmares to those who want to divide the state on communal lines. Sir,I have some brief points to make....

  1. It is important to know the source of funding of the political parties in Kashmir.
  2. It is important to understand that why people defect from one party to another.
  3. It is important to know why most of the corrupt and tainted bureaucrats get mandates soon after getting relieved from services.
  4. It is important to understand why even on a sensitive issue like revocation of AFSPA our political parties differ.
  5. It is important to understand why our two regional parties even differed on issues relating to property rights of girls marrying outside the state.

Sir,the answer may be plain and simple that there are guiding forces of these parties who don't want these parties to get together.But if by any reason they do get together in the interest of the people of this state,then we can say that our regional parties act on their own.


Abid Zargar

I believe this is a well written abstract of the state of politics. I feel each one of is guilty to some extent. Educated and honest people shy away from politics and leave an open field for crooks. I have no doubt that this will change once the educated and honest people collaborate and stand up to set things right. I pray that the moment comes soon.


Peerzada Rayees

Sir when ever your articles publish in Greater kashmir I read them with love and care because they are very interesting and knowledgeable. ..truly when I buy GK in morning first of all I want to that your article are publish or not...Sir when I see this morning your article I am very glad to read such type of interesting articles ....Sir you have truly explain the real sprit of kashmiri yonth and the policies of center government....Sir I this critical situation I think this type of articles are important for kashmiri and especially for our youth. ....Sir lastly I appreciate you to write this type of articles and hope that in future you will write about our brave youths...Allah Hafiz


Humaira Syed

Mr ashraf your article which appeared in today's greater kashmir is enough for boosting the confidence of youth. You have rightly said that it's our resilience which keeps us going. Be it our resilience to fight cold without adequate arrangements or the recent flood deluge. Had it happened in some other part of the world, they would have surrendered and waited for external help. It's our resilient genes which we have inherited that help us to fight whatever the circumstances may be. Your piece of writing helps to overcome from the pessimistic approach and gives confidence for working together to built our beloved homeland again.


Abid Zargar

Thanks for writing the article - The "Banana" Chief Minster. Mr Omar Abdullah is a good case study for incompetence. So is the entire dynasty driven political landscape in Kashmir.


Albany, NY

Very well written and though out article. It is true life can be ironic some time. In God's wrath, the poor gets some relief where as the rich gets pulled out of his cozy environs . However I liked the portion where you have highlighted the perpetual assault the populace in valley has inflected on environment. Be it Dull, River Jhelum or Vitasta and not to forget the wet lands, tributaries that have just vanished.
Again congratulation on a nice write up


Mohammad Yousuf Mir

GK dated. 18th July while analysing issue of return of Kashmiri migrant pandits writes that " first and foremost requirement for their return will be establishment of real peace". Really worthwhile and laudable proposal. But will real peace In J&K be ever established. prevailing uncertain situation has created whole lot vested interests in the state. Major players in the society will never like this uncertain situation to stabilise or end. As by ending this situation their vested interests will be endangered. Major players include security establishments, bureaucracy, decisive political forces will never allow normalcy and real peace to prevail. hence...

For real peace to establish and normalcy to return, it takes to have steel strong resolve and dew pure character, but unfortunately we have spineless leaders combined with gutter scented followers.


Sajjad, Srinagar

Dear Mr. Ashraf, it has been observed for quite sometime now that every other pen-pusher seems to be in a rat-race to write on a very trivial subject like “the return of Bahtta (so-called pandits)”. Each one of these racers appears to take a lead in the race perhaps to become yet another Shri Bhatt. Serious and honest writers should not waste their talent by entering into this unwarranted race. Let Kashir Bahtta come back themselves as they left Kashmir. It’s misleading and hypocrisy to say that we’re incomplete without them. In fact, reverse is the reality. They can’t be called as migrants in the real sense of the word. It is disgusting and misjudgment to call them as migrants. They are “Baghooday”. It is a misnomer to call them pandits either or address them as “Mahara”. Upon their run-away from the Valley, they compromised and lost their distinct identity by intermingling with the various races of India by entering into “alliance” with them. Facts reveal that most of these fellows have sold their titles which they’d had in Kashmir, for good. They’ve time and again displayed their true colors. They made a hullabaloo in sixties when a Bahtta girl, Parmeshvari (now Parveena) married a muslim but they didn’t even murmur when Dr. Girja Dhar married Dr. Naseer. It’s unforgettable that these Baghoodays observe 13th July as a black day thereby displaying their ill-will showing to harbor innate hatred against Muslim Ummah, overall. Late W.R. Lawrence has rightly sketched their innate nature and characteristics in three simple terms – “Nalam, Kalam, ya Halam (Lying, Wrting, or begging)” in his treatise “The Valley of Kashmir”. They aren’t trustworthy people as the history reveals. Why to give their “return” undue importance anymore?



Enjoyed reading it in today's GK. It was insightful and a vivid note; and above all well meaning and without prejudice.

Well, the old houses got burnt/looted and then sold on power of attorney. And some even occupied illegally, even by the State Govt. the so called custodians of Migrant Property.

So how does one go back to same place? Will the encroacher/new occupier welcome us?

P.S. My Muslim neighbor in Kashmir are now living in Mumbai and we meet each other, now and then; individual relations are intact. It is the group dynamics that is a problem. And it was the collective consciousness of all Kashmiri’s that saw us leave our homes of 5000 years, even if its manifestation was through a handful.


Ubaid Hyder (8th Class Student)

Asalam-u-alaikum Dear Sir,
I read your article on Gk today. It was a very very nice one. I have read your many articles and I found everyone of them very nice and great. Your today's article was really a very great one and I think every youth who will read it will be encouraged by it. Sir, I hope you will comtonue to write such articles in future also. I also hope that you might write article on the upcomming "Martyrs Day", which is on 13th of July.


Yawar Hussainn

I read your article titled "personality cult and dynastic succession". Although it seems that you have done quite a lot of research on personalities and dynastic succession in south asia and kashmir but you seem to have missed the MUFTI dynasty in kashmir. Sir you sound optimistic for the future of Kashmiris as you have pointed out the rise of new generation but I am pessimistic about the future because there aren't any options available for kashmiris to choose from.


Kaiser Gazi

Assalamu Alykum sir.
Your today's piece was really heartbreaking as i was about to weep for the truth you had put in there. Now i realise that our main problem is leadership.
As long as well wishers like you are there to guide us, i hope no one can deny us our birth right.


Anil Kachroo, Delhi

I read your blogs and articles and find them good. Most important aspects of your writings is that your writings are very secular in nature. You write facts both good and bad. I have never come across a Kashmiri Muslim who write about history of pre-islamic Kashmir. People like you are light and hope of Humanity. Kashmir needs people like you to bring it back to our old glory where we all used to live peacefully and respect each other.


Abid Zargar

You have rightly painted the picture of Indian polity. However, I feel, an important piece is missing in your article. Is common man in India performing his/her role towards guarding the democracy. Every individual has rights and responsibilities. Most of the educated people are shying away from politics, essentially, not performing their responsibility towards the society. The gap is filled by the criminals. It would be nice if you could shed some light in the form of an article about the importance of educated and honest people engaging in active politics.


Mohsin Ali

Sir, your pieces, as always, are very informative and there is a peculiar quality about them. Brilliantly put they make your day. I especially liked your Mainstream politics piece. The beggining was very engaging and this quality sustained throughout. I hope we will be presented with more pieces of yours in the same vein.


Ashiq Sofi
University of Kashmir

"Ashraf sahib we have many places in Kashmir where unique quality of lilies, geraniums etc are found but unfortunately only a handful of Kashmiri people have been able to visit these places and one among such places is Gurez. On my recent trip to this place I found flowers, flowering herbs and shrubs that I have not seen in my entire life. These meadows of flowers have been kept under the blanket from the past many decades and are very likely to be buried under murky water of Kishanganga."


Samran Rathore

I came across your website and have looked through it with great interest, especially about our history and Burzahom.

I am third generation born in UK, but I love my kashmiri roots and heritage although I sadly cannot speak Koshur because my grandparents' parents emigrated to Punjab in Pakistan so the language was lost, it's hard to find anywhere to learn it although I am very willing.

Anyway I just wanted to say good work and thank you for spreading our culture and history to others. Hope you are well.


Karthikeyan Chidambaram

This is regarding your article "all in “National Interest”! Retaining Kashmir" in GreaterKashmir dated 6-Feb-2014.

How true that the Hindutva elements talk about Kashmir and Kashmiri Hindus but not about the tremendous sufferings a large number of Muslims in Kashmir have gone through.

In fact in cities like Mumbai people don't spare any opportunity to break hell loose against the government, even for issues like potholes in the road, but Kashmiris are living at the target of the gun of the forces and this looks very much like colonization.

One reason for the apathy towards Kashmiri Muslims shown by the Hindutva elements is that they have not been in power and they think that Congress is favouring Muslims in general.

If these Hindutva elements come to power as during Vajpayee's time, then they too will understand the difficulties of Kashmiris and will start shedding their prejudices against Kashmiri Muslims.

But the trouble is that these Hindutva elements are sometimes so fascist that seeing them in powerful looks like a nightmare to me.

This is a tricky situation and the cause is the fanatic elements (as you know) in the Sangh Parivar and are craving to rule India by proxy.


Firdaus Ahmad

This refers to 29th dated article "Chattisinghpora to Pathribal" by M. Ashraf. The article if full of true content .As a matter of fact ,It's very unfortunate that we ,especially most of our mainstream politicians dont do anything for the cause,particularly when in power,which proves our insecurity in the future as well.


Inderjit Suri

Thank you for your article, Chattisinghpora to Pathribal. I am glad that there is someone to raise the question of this massacre, even after so many years have passed. The Sikhs of Kashmir have tried to raise this question many times but to no avail. For all these years the Central, State and Hurriat leaders were silent about this massacre, no probe was held, and no responsibility fixed. I hope your article will at the least have some effect on the State Government who is worried about the Pathribal case. Thanks once again.


Rajesh Dhar

Of all your articles, today's is the best, we kashmiris are cursed, we will never learn the importance of the present moment, the present problem and we are suffering for this, we want to go to paradise but would not want to die, the crafty people will sway us with aazadi, freedom, Islam, India, hinduness but will not raise a finger to better the present. Our print media is but a partner to these kind of people. Do we have the patience to hammer the nail. All across the nation, theseare 135 families, who have prospered since 1947, the nation has gone to the dogs, so has Kashmir. Hope to read more from you on very pragmatic lines.


Abid Zargar

Thoughtful article and a reminder for all. Thank You.

One wonders why authorities are acting in a senseless manner. I feel pain seeing the modernization of road to Gulmarg having destroyed some panoramic views such as Narbal road, nallah near Tangmarg,... The Tangmarg town itself has lost all the charm. The Dal lake has become a swamp. Everywhere we see, there is destruction in the name of progress. The culprit is the large amounts of money without accountability and lack of genuine leadership.

In my opinion, the most important act needed in Kashmir today is to understand and effectively manage our most important resource "fresh water".


Ubaid Khan

I am really overjoyed to contact you via email. I have been reading your articles from past one year or so. The articles are really informative by content and philosophical by nature.


Shokat Ahmad

I have gone through your article' A messy situation' in greater kashmir dated 26 oct. of course a nice ' zadi rah' for we political activists of present & leaders of future( inshallah).

We need not to bother as long as thinkers like your esteemed self are in Kashmir.


Irene Swinkels, Netherland

Thank you for the article on changing our mind-set, especially on the matter of equality for all human being, including women.

Let me please introduce myself: My name is Irene, I am 31 years old, I'm from the Netherlands. In a few weeks I'll be visiting India for the 4th time. A few months ago I visited your warm country Kashmir.

Since a while I'm interested in culture and religion, and especially on the women subject. Since I visited Kashmir and because in the west, people have a negative view on Islam, I decides to study some more on Islam. Unfortunately I found out that the warm heart of Islam, which is found in all religion (all is one) is a little lost these days if you look at the media and at some parts of the world. With other religions this is also the case! But I'm happy I found out about the warm center, so I can have my own opinion.

I wish we all could let go of some traditions of the past and men and women could be equal in all religions, as we supposed to be. I hope in future I can give my a little piece of my life to this cause and fight for it. Especially women who have been suppressed because of old fashioned traditions of religions. People should unite in these times. We need women as much as we need man, and we need men as much as we need women.

Thanks you and good luck with your writings.


Jahangir Bashir

In response to your article on GK "outsourcing kashmir" i really want to thank you, for putting this core issue in the article,all the efforts we make,all the blood we shed goes invein untill we're not self dependent. Once again thank you sir regards.


Pinglena, Pulwama

Aasalam u aalikum dear legend... Again a very excellent piece of writing. Your writings and articles make even laymans think about right and wrong...This sentence proves that you are a part of past as well as present. "One could ask him if he has also discovered that it is he and his ancestors that have been greatly responsible for bringing kashmiris to their present state."
So good to have everyone's thoughts on paper.
Thumbs up and keep it up.


Nissar Lone

Wow sir I am inspired with your this opinion ANZZ GAMAS PONZ MUQADAM. Really a true thinking sir. Har eak opinion boht he achi hoti hain apki sir. Jo baat mere dil main hoti hai un baaton ko apke alfaz milte hain. Great job sir. We are proud that people like you are in our state with great and well thinking. I salute you sir.


Mohammad Nasir Rather

Asalam alykum sir, i use to have my breakfast wth Gk in the shape of paper or over the display of my computer .Going through the main headlines superficialy i quickly turn up its pages to reavel what is inside it (GK opinion) n what intellectual thought is being reflectedby Gk from ur reverance . I appreciate ur write up sir titled as"The battle of Amarnath ".It focus on the imp issues like heritage of kashmir,amarnath yatra, kashmiriyat in a lucid manner .


Rightly said sir: ANZZ GAMAS PONZ MAQDAM. How nice it would have been for us to behave like wild geese & chase these rascals away,but truly we are clutched by materialism.


Mudasir Bhat

Your articles are always enlightening. You act like a mirror of the society and reflect it perfectly that too in light of kashmiri proverbs, to the point and calling. It's not that monkeys are overlording us, but that we have been allowing them to overlord us since 47. We have ourselves torn down our social fabric to their benefit. We are slaves to the puppets and their masters because of our own fluctuations in our stand and state of mind.


Afaq Malik Pinglena, Pulwama.

Aasalam u aalikum sir. Your analytic article about A.G. Noorani's book was excellent... You have de constructed the whole idea about kashmir problem. You deserve a special word of thanks from me for such a write up.


Iqbal Bhat,
Research Scholar Tourism Management
Banaras Hindu University

Sir, you have given a heart touching statistical data from different sources on Scams. Though it is very huge in figures, out of common man's boundary, but still it hurts him(me as a common person). Sir, i think the best way by which people can wake up is Modern Education and Exposure to outside world, mutual exchange between communities and people across the globe. This can be achieved when we as Authorities at Top Level in particular and Masses in general are sincere and ready to sacrifice our desires for the betterment of our country.


Iqbal Bhat

'Kashmir's Political Parasites'- it is really a sad story of our Land,people come and rule us for reasons not known to anybody. I think people from both groups like to play with the sentiments of common KASHMIRI. They will be taken to task by none except the supreme master-THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH. People should come out of this political vaccine and shape their future and never get be-fooled by false promises. Sir you have caught the right vein, it is a remedial medicine for a cautious person.


Afaq Malik,
Pinglena, Pulwama

Really by your write up,you have opened the conscience of common person. A sentence in your write up was amazing "in the end he turned from a lion to virtually mouse". To write such a sentence one should be having a brave heart.

I think u are having that heart plus excellent wit. Thumbs up and keep it up.


Zoya Sehar

I read your article ROCK FOR AZADI...
I agree on some of your talks but not all of them…
If majority of people do wrong thing (listen to music) that doesn’t mean music is halaal...e.g. majority of people today take interest ,that doesn’t mean that taking interest is halaal…same is it with music.
Secondly, you said ProphetMohammad (peace be upon him) was greeted with music and singing in medina...I would like to reply it:
1. At the time prophet (peace be upon him) came to medina it was only half part of his prophet hood –not the complete 23 years. Evenalcohol, pork were not completely forbidden as it was forbidden when ayat of surah maidah were revealed which is a Madini surah...I would like to ask was there any such act in the presence of prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him) after the whole QURAN was revealed and the answer is NO…
2. it’s said that only singing was done at that time not the use of musical instruments. Also there is no authentic saying in this regard….
We have to go back to Quran and Sunnah to make our society clean from shamelessness. We have become so much intoxicated towards media and entertainment that we don’t feel wrong in any shameless thing. Thank you.


Mohammed Sikander

Assalamu allaikum sir, how are u. I just read your article, and u said that, no religion prohibits music. Sir Idon’tknow to which religion u belong (Christianity or Islam) because u haven’t written that. And also I don’t know whether you have yourself been a part of "ROUF", "CHAKRI", OR "HA CHI CHI" But as far as Islam is concerned, it prohibits music. It’s my ultimate request to you that don’t divert the minds of young gen. From the teachings of Islam. And dost say anything, of which u have got no knowledge. 9419080320, this is mufti ayoub sahabs no. If u are a Muslim contact him and clear your doubts, and if not, then what can I say!!!


Mushtaq Naika

Asalamu-Alikum sir. Read your article about Dr. M S Khuroo on his 68th birthday published in Greater Kashmir on 16th of January 2013. It was a nice piece of article rather eye opener for all of us as you quoted a Kashmiri saying that even the prophets have not been recognised by their own people not to talk of ordinary humans. The article is really a tribute to our legend doctor, may Almighty ALLAH bestow him as well as you EMAN, IZAT & GOOD HEALTH.


Ahsan ul Haq

Interesting article, Dr. khuroo is significant contribution if we look across the Kashmir. His 105 articles were recognised by Scopus about 2900 citations, and H index 15. I think he may be the only Kashmiri medical doctor who has high H index. I am nanotechnologist but my H index is still 12. For your information now we have different parameters to judge a scientist. Being famous medical doctor and serving in the community is totally different than being contributed in international scientific community. He has that calibre. I met Dr. mushtaq chalkoo in last summer and he said I have discovered this and that. When I look at his contributions in international level it was nothing.


Rwoof Reshi

Dr. Khurro. Thank you for the write up. Days of old came to memory and heart asked for a cup of tea and Kanti. I do think we need to do something about it. Can you tell me a little bit about you and your hobbies and interests so we can see if there is something that can help us fulfil his dream and dua.


Rafeeq Zarger

They say, better late than never- read your column today. Thanks for sharing and bringing reality to the masses. I wish I could speak directly to the God and would ask him just one question ( why do You put wrong people at right places? ) i.e., leaders and administration people we have had since decades.
To speak to God. That is the only thing which seems to me available at this point of life especially in Kashmir. Because I know nothing else is going to work. Even speaking to God as well. It was just for Moses. But it is a hope of the hope.... Thanks.


M.S. Bhati

Mr. Ashraf I read your article on op-ed page of Kashmir Times I agree with you that laws alone can't achieve anything unless the mindset be changed first.
I like your article very much.Thanks for writing such an article.


Suhail Khan

Read your article "waiting for 2014". As usual it is an interesting read and introduces one to the futuristic view of the world of 2014. It really is fascinating to know that humans are in love with the dooms day theories, we have been listening to these right from our child hood, when nothing happens on the specified date, the date changes to another one, sometimes to a different decade in a different garb. In this case the date changes from 2012 t0 2014, and we know after 2014 there would certainly be another date; A popular Bollywood film dialogue seems quite apt "Tareekh pe Tareekh" Surely these anticipated dates and theories of doomsday somehow lend some color to this world and our lives.


Justice Jan

"Corruption Bonhomie"! Excellent, honest, bold, informative, & true analysis of the prevailing misfortune of the citizens of the state, with no hope of redressal in our life time.


Dr. Nazir Mushtaq

I read your article MONEY, MONEY AND MONEY and laughed a while. A great philosopher has said “I laugh because I can't weep." Your article is voice of Kashmiri people and it is a real picture of so-called modern Kashmir. I have no words to express my feelings about this article. I liked it very much and I congratulate you from the inner core of my heart for this master piece. Allah karey zoure kalam aur zyada. Allah apko umreh noah atah karey taki ap is badnaseeb qaum ki tarjamani kar sakein AMEEN.


Irshad Mantoo

We will get two generations of just and strong rule by overthrowing present political system which has created here strong middle class in order to fulfil their interests. Secondly we have to launch a large scale mass movement continuously till we achievefreedom. For that purpose we need leaders from third generation having deep knowledge of Kashmir history .not present hurryait leaders who first launched quite Kashmir movement then left it mid-way leaving 117 youth dead for the purpose which they never achieved except name and fame!.pandith jawharlal nehru once told bakshi ghulam mohd ", once gape increases interest decreases”, same formula new dehli applies here in order to control young energetic third generation by using hurriyat leaders which they do not know because of having myopic vision in order to give two generations just and strong rule I irshad mantoo from buchroo kulgam wants to lead the Kashmiri nation in order to liberate them from colonial rule from which they are suffering from 1947.


Afaq Malik

Again a very good article.
I salute you for such courage.
U have done a great job by highlighting such an imp. Issue.
But u haven’tsuggested remedial measures for this mess.


Muhammad Munnaf

I will not waste my time in explaining you as to who I am. But, I feel a small introduction is a must. I am simply like other kashmiris who have left their native country for the sake of employment. I am a regular GK reader as I feel this is one the best way I can keep myself updated and attached to my motherland, and today when I read your article (LPG cylinders or Oxygen Cylinders?), I automatically got compelled to write this mail of appreciation. The effort you have put in to draft the whole concept in just a single page is simply brilliant.

I will be looking forward for such type of articles in the future as well.


BA Khan

I have for the first time seen any scribe from Kashmir write an article true to the events ... This is regarding the publised article in GK on 26th October2012.


Umer Wani

Beautiful insight into the character of Kashmiri are doing a wonderful job in a place where intellectual corruption is rampant.You are providing the new generation of Kashmir valuable information about their past which is necessary for their survival.


Muzaffar Andrabi

I completely agree with your article, one side we are banning creating new accommodations for Tourists which we desperately are in need of and here we are vandalizing our ecology through Yatra. Look at that trash. I am surprised why shouldn't we Kashmiris start a signature campaign and go with Mr Geelani that let Kashmiris Muslims and Pundits handle the Yatra.


Captain M S Kohli, Himalayan Environment Trust

I was delighted to see your article in the Asian Age. I did not know before of your tremendous knowledge of Kashmir as well as your journalistic flavour. Well done!! My heartiest congratulations.


Afaq Malik

Again a bold and wise article depecting the reality of so called leaders..You have opened a gate for insight for me like people... Your article is reality as well as satire for whole leadership. While reading it,I remind the Novel of Orwell"Animal Farm"... Between the animals of Orwell and your "kowaqtik Kastoor"there is comman allegory which in the end betrays the simple masses... Thumbs up and keep it up...


Malik Asaf Mahmood

Not only is it very difficult for foreigners it is also difficult for left hand of a local Kashmiri to know for what his right hand is doing. Centuries of oppression certainly teach the people the art of survival. They learn to keep quiet and burst out for worldly interests only when provoked. They are neither emotional nor sentimental but all the time they are circumspect. Literally they surpasses all the qualities of a chameleon.

The theory of “Heart is My Weapon” is based on physical weakness termed as fatigue. And every one knows that graph of physical fitness gets weaker with age. There is no Viagra to arouse willpower of an aging human being. Had the Sheikh not suffered fatigue he wouldn’t have named his struggle as “siasi awaragardi”. Even Tenzing would not have counseled his son “why climb mountains I have already done for you”.

Practically it is the readymade perpetrators who have taught outside forces how to survive on the land which as Iqbal says turns fertile with slight moisture. Ask any Kashmiri and he will go all the way to denounce wazwan but will hardly miss the opportunity to feast. No outsider is going to respect our dignity and seek justice for us unless it is not grown from within the local society.


B A Bashir

You deserve all appreciation for giving due credit to the Ganz could not expect more appropriate application of this word in present state of affairs than you have craft fully done.Unfortunately those who should smell their humiliation by your article will do Ganz Naas to this also.


Afaq Malik, Pulwama

Excellent article...One more feather to your crown...To you this Quote of Rumi
"It is not the carpet he is attacking,but the dirt in it"...

I personally believe you should have been a teacher in k.u. either in
history ,mass com or in education. But neverthless you are doing a magnificient job. Thumbs up and keep it up.


M. Afaq, Pinglena, Pulwama

Today's article was really heart touching. I salute you,for such courageous writings.


Jawahar Zutshi

I find the article far fetched and it could not have been planned as such. It is a fact that the link to kashmir was created for india to gain access to kashmir by change of redicliffe plan. Mr Jinnha and Nehru were too wise to be fooled by western countries.

india had to stop at Uri in 1948 as the pakistan army controlled all hills and India was positioned at the foothills could not displace them so quickly without loss of lives, time ,and at that point of time there was no ammunition or arms to force victory,same stands true for Pakistan.if you read SLENDER IS THE THREAD you will find that neither of two countries would have been able to proceed fact Pakistan occupied Haji-pir and other important peaks,because India had withdrawn its troops in winter, the same was done by India in Saichin later on. I know in your mind you don't agree to the research paper as you are well aware of all events.

You remember when i was in Leh,the dog problem was solved by inviting Naga regiment who ate all the dogs with relish and Leh was saved from rabid dogs.


Dr. M. Z. Afsar

As-salaam alaykum Sir. You know, I have so enjoyed reading the many articles and stories on your website that each time I would think what a pleasure it would be to make your acquaintance. So it is an honor to know you Sir.

For example your article on the Kashmir & Jewish connection was very interesting. I have my own views on this. When I return to the Valley (perhaps this year) I shall let you know. It would be a pleasure to meet you in person and discuss issues on Kashmir. Best wishes.


Yasir Shah

I like your article" desiring but not deserving" in today's GK newspaper. IT reflects the great concern for the welfare of our society and the historical understanding on Kashmir. It gave me great happiness to see my fellow brother Kashmiri having such concern and understanding. I wish you all the best and insha Allah everything will be fine. God bless and peace.


PZ Zubair

sir the artcle desrng bt nt dsrvng was really good one . i think corruption shud also hav found mention in it. all in all a very good piece of writing. the morality has truly degraded in kashmiris.


Ud Emiliano

sir, i was jus reading u r article "desiring but not deserving" liked it very much.....


Ramesh K.Khardori

I wish to add one correction to your write up and that pertains to another state where the chief minister controls religious institutions. It is Andhra Pradesh where government has actually misused funds collected from temples and diverted elsewhere. I am not sure of the amount, but the previous CM (who accidentally died in air crash) was openly using funds to promote Christianity from the funds collected. I am equally suspicious of leaving funds with pure religious organizations. The proof is Vaishnu Devi in J&K where crores of rupees simply vanished till the then governor (Jag Mohan) took it away from priests. I guess we don’t have a good solution yet. I like your article


Suhail Khan

Just read your article "Kashmir's Vanishing Heritage" I must say the article is very well written and compels the reader to pay attention towards our culture as a whole. The best part is the light thrown at the plight of our language. You are very right in pointing out how we do not communicate with our children in Kashmiri and take pride in conversing in English. It does not mean we do not teach English or Urdu to our children but learning and knowing the mother tongue is of paramount importance. At the present juncture when you talk with a young Kashmiri boy or a girl you realize that he or she is neither proficient in English /Urdu nor Kashmiri. They speak a mixed kind of language which is pathetic. I myself realized this as one of my children did not learn Kashmiri as she was born and brought up outside Kashmir and all our neighbors were multicultural and multilingual, but I do concede our own callousness in not teaching her Kashmiri. To this date I deeply regret it. God bless you, keep the good work going.


BK Kaul

I share your sorrow over complete destruction of Dastgeer Sahib's shrine in Khanyar in devastating fire. In fact I expressed similar thoughts in Times of India (e-paper) of 25th June. However, when we discuss Kashmir's heritage , we must not limit it to past 600 years only. When I or you trace our origin, we may have to go back to Neelmat Puran age . We are the progenies of those great Hindu Rishis who settled in Kashmir and who were great poets, philosophers, spiritual scientists and who have written great treasures of literature which, unfortunately, you do not find in Kashmir - yet is available in Germany, England and even USA. Sometime back I saw old hand written bhoj patras (in sharda script) with one eminent linguist from Kashmir who had been hired by German Govt to translate the material at a whopping charge of Rs 2000/- per page. We have lost our heritage to all these foreigners because of our religious bias and hatred. We have been wrongly informed that Islam brought new light to Kashmir and pre-islam kashmir was a devil's land. Pre-Islam Kashmir was a golden Kashmir and the literature and philosophy that was produced here is still unparallelled.

I also felt sad at the burning down of Dastgeer Sahab's shrine which I would visit at least twice a week when I was in Kashmir . Yet thousands of such shrines have been burnt down, demolished and destroyed in Kashmir by invaders and religious zealouts. This is perhaps the right time that we express our distress and sorrow over destruction of all those temples, shrines and educational institutes which were our real heritage. Thanks.


Ibreez Ajaz

I have just finished reading your article in today's paper and I cannot help but applaud the refreshing manner in which you have expressed your beliefs. Time and again we the people have been subjected to conference after conference, seminar after seminar, lecture after lecture, and to what end? If only a fraction of the effort put into organizing these events was instead trained upon educating our fellow neighbors, or perhaps simply cleaning up our environment, imagine the progress we would have made!

I heartily believe that azaadi as our forebearers has dreamt of is not viable until we first ensure a solid foundation upon which we can stand. That being said, steps toward this can be made if only (and here I'd like to emphasize) we the people take matters into our own hands and proceed onwards. There are many possibilities out there, such as the ones outlined in your piece. But the public must be ready to pitch in and not simply stand aside. I'd appreciate any further thoughts you may have regarding this topic! Thanks very much,

Major HPS Ahluwalia, New Delhi

It is a very eye opening article. Some of the statistics that you have given on both countries are not fully known to most of us in India and Pakistan. It is a shame that having achieved our independence more than half a century ago still majority of the people lie below the poverty line and your article has been appropriately titled, “Bread, not nukes” that the need of the hour is to provide food, Health & other basic amenities. We have made a blunder by not going to Myanmar as soon as it was open our PM was perhaps the last leader to visit Myanmar inspite of the fact that Myanmar even today has more than 3 lakh Indian population(descendant).

I suggest you should also appear on the national tv when there are discussions on J& K as you have vast knowledge on the subject. Well done-Your Article is superb.


Narinder Sawhney, London

Wish we all think and act. "Bread, not Nukes" is an eye opening article.



Jammu Nostalgia-X - Last week, I stumbled upon your above article while searching for Manatai on google. I happened to participate in the "National Heritage Trek" organised by YHAI, J&K tourism department and other wings of J&K. It was memorable. Whereas I can afford to pay the hotel rent at Patnitop, most other (younger) trekkers would not. It is good that J&K government organisations have organised the trek. Even though, our group was small with mostly elders, the team before us had 40 members with about 30 boys from a high school in the region. The team that left the day we returned had another 30 boys from a school in Ramban. In fact, I could visit Krimachi temples with that team.

I have put up some photos of the trek at As a person who spent 3 decades with the tourism department, you may be interested in having a glance at it to feel the pleasure trekkers derive thanks to the support and effort from your and other departments. In fact, most volunteers at field stations were from the education department.Googling your name came up with several other articles such as

Reading articles on J&K by a native would be interesting. We don't get such views in national newspapers :( Thanks to you, I will have a view of the perspectives of the natives of Kashmir.



Naqeeb Nawab

It was wonderful to read through your blogs and particularly The Gulmarg Nostalgia- (Reminiscing the people-all parts). I was taken back to Gulmarg of early 1980's and it was very nostalgic. I had an opportunity to share few nice moments in my childhood with many of the personalities you had mentioned. Miss those old times.

I am sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I am Naqeeb Nawab. My father was also a part of that beautiful Gulmarg at one time, his name is Mr. Nawab, I hope you would be recognizing him. He is presently out of state. You have a very good style of narrating the things and I would make it a point to go through your all blogs. Stay blessed.



Asaf Mehmud

I was traveling in Auto rickshaw and got stopped at the Exhibition Crossing. The traffic signal was bloody red. After a while it did get green but vehicle in my lane didn't move. The couldn't as a SUV was having trouble to start. Well you know our auto drivers they find a way and mine did in just the moment the green turned red.

The charm of these traffic lights is that they are really brilliant. Suddenly I remembered the statement of the concerned department that with in two months all the lights will fixed and am caught in the thought that what if by the time last traffic point is installed the first ones start getting out of order.

I don't know when the proposed flyover will be in place. I wonder why don't we think of joining fourlane RajBagh -Convent Link road with residency road. Lal Mandi double lane to lal cowk through old court complex. Why did we allow shopping complex at all when we could extend four-lane road dividing LD Hospital and Children Park with Amira Kadal. We can even extend Naaz Road through Army Vet Hospital right upto Tengpora and By Pass. Imagine how much traffic will be taken off IG road between Silkfactory and Exhibition. The fourlane road from Karan Nagar Chowk to Fire Service HQs can be extended through Baranpather and run over serwered Doodganga, which is being excvated about eight feet wide for a two feet masonry drain, right upto solina. Well one who walks can keep on adding option. Not the ones who travel by chauffeur driven vehicles


Khurshid Malik

I wish I could write as you do. Brother there are other options available to us. Flyover will undoubtedly be disastrous. All buses, light vehicles for one or other reason reach or move around from Tourist Centre to Budshah Chowk. No new bridge has come up either on Jhelum & its tributaries around this bowl to vent the choking traffic of this area since 1975. There is no relief to traffic moving over old Amira Kadal or Budshah Bridge. How can flyover from Jahangir Chowk to Ram Bagh help it. They plan to expand mouth of a choked throat. Why not develop flood channel bund .Link it with couple of new bridges and routes at Rambag, Bypass via Batmalo Adda. A bridge at Tankipora near Divisional Commissioner’s office, one near old High Court to reach beginning of Jawahar Nagar. The Dudh Ganga has already gone Nalamar way. Why allow structures in the middle of this stream & not use it as alternative to beaten paths for traffic. Five new bridges have come up over Tawi since 1975. We got replacements but not a single new bridge.


Rafeeq Zargar

Nothing is gonna happen to Kashmir as long as agents of India (Abdullas n Muftis etc.) are alive. The day when they are wiped out n nobody will be intrested to talk to India n Pakistan that moment will begin our freedom. But it can take really a long time to happen i believe. Coz we kashmiri people as i again believe are the most stupid people in the whole world. Despite knowing that political parties or any other organasations are there for nothing but only for their own personal gains such as money n power, kashmiris are still fighting eachother physically, espacially on any kind of Election.

So such stupidity has to be ceased first n only then we can dream of anything. And it is going to take lot of time. It wont happen overnight. Till then we are just going to remain slaves of India n Pakistan.


Mohammad Yousuf

Read your article in GK , a brillient assesment of Kashmir tragedy. Article touched a very sensitive aspect of conflict. Hope more is written in coming articles particularly about the failure of so called leaders to deliver. At the end, your high self is welcome on Gk. but i will miss the impression of the titles of your articles under the caption of "KASHMIR FIRST"...


Javaid Malik

I have gone through ur article published in Gk.i fully agree with ur statement bt i think we are ourself responsible fr our future.We did dis-honest deeds and put the kashmir on the verge of destruction. We are selfish and are leaving no stone unturned to achieve our selfish goals.Day by day,the situation in kashmir gets worsened,there is a corruption from santari to mantari and under such conditions it is dificult to survive the future of kashmir.


Tasawar Jalali

Congrats! We (Abid Zargar & myself) have been discussing this subject for many months but finally you have done justice to the subject by expressing it so well. Please keep up the good work.

I'm not sure if current political exercise by Hurriyat will lead to any results because people of Kashmir are so split that only a miracle can bring the dream of any kind of Azadi true. People here are morally and ethically corrupt to the core of their existence, they are divided by castes/zaat system, financial gap has widened so much in past few decades, so many political factions & ideologies exist, & so many religious ideologies are being propounded. They say in US "God bless America", I say "God save Kashmir".


Showkat Shah, Kashmir University

"Respected sir, i am really impressed by your writeup, read it many times and looks as some was speaking by heart. This is true we have, in fact some vested interested stake holders have, reduced our identity to laminated Identity cards. But our real identity goes ling back as you have mentioned in your article. I have simple observation rather than a question, do u think sir we must decolonize our knowledge and mindsets because what ever is being written on Kashmir it is all assimilated in western and non local assented way portrayed and looks like an colonial process going. Kashmir is not only 1947. Civilizations collapse when their language collapses isn,t in Kashmir the same is going on"



Dr. Inder Koul, Boston - USA

I found your article interesting. Indeed most of us have a common background and only few present Kashmiris are foreign in origin. Kashmiri language is strongly linked to Rigvedic Sanskrit. Avestan Persian and Rigvedic Sanskrit are twin languages. Also take the castes for example in modern Kashmir. Wani (Sanskrit Wania means business caste), Tantrey (Tantrin Sanskrit soldier), Magrey (Magasa Sanskrit warrior), etc. Kashmiris are typically Central Asian people most close probably to some Tajiks racially. There is no doubt that the Kashmiris are amongst the first Aryans like the Tajik and the first two books of the Aryans were composed in this region. The Rigveda was composed in Kashmir and her vicinity and Avestan texts in Greater Khorasan region (modern Mazar-i-Sharif). I found out that you worked for the Kashmir tourism department. Very interesting indeed!


Zhur-ur-Rasool Butt (Zahoor), Adelaide, Australia.

My name is Z'hur-ul-Rasool Butt (Zahoor) and I live in Adelaide -Australia. I believe you knew my father, late Ghulam Rasool Butt who worked for the 'ANZ Grindlays Bank' in Srinagar. He would often mention your name fondly when I was involved in trekking and tourism back in Kashmir during the good old days of late eighties before heading 'Down Under' but never got the opportunity to meet you. I had wished to initiate contact with you back in 2008 when my father last spent some time with me here in Adelaide and your name would come up during the many conversations we had about tourism, history and culture of Kashmir, but unfortunately for some reason that didn't happen either, so after reading your piece in yesterday's Greater Kashmir, I thought the next best time is now, before another few years pass by.

It is both a sensible and a beautiful write up on our 'Kashmiri identity' and one that should fill every respectable Kashmiri with both a sense of pride and humility which greatly contrasts with the prevalent jingoism and the empty rhetoric fuelled by self serving politicians and allied vassals about what it means to be a 'Kashmiri'. I have read some other articles written by you in the last few years and I have found them both informative and interesting. Talking about my generation of the mid sixties, it is a great pity that we were given absolutely no formal education concerning our own history, not even the recent history of the early 20th century and as a result while most of us may have achieved success in academia and business, we are very ignorant about our own historical worth. I am sure articles like yours would go a long way in educating the educated about the concept of identity and our true place in history. I wish you all the best.



I read your article with much interest and could not resist myself in writing few words in the admiration. Lovely as it was! It also provided a fair amount of information about our composite and rich culture.Unfortunately, I wish our future to be as illustrious as our past was, but I seriously doubt that as corruption and political mess that we are in, may further degenerate our identity. Again congratulations for this good work!


Asmat Ashai

Thanks for highlighting this very unique and dangerous issue that is killing our children. I have been following this problem very closely. I cannot understand why the locals are not taking this in their own hands , if the government is rendered impotent in this matter as it is in a lot of other matters as well? Now even Gandhi is invoked in this matter, in today's paper. Do we even need to prove that when we are being attacked by actual animals we need Indian blessings to defend ourselves? This is insane. Proposals like giving jobs to the youth for taking care of rabies infested dogs? "let them go to dogs" is the message that I hear.

Please go beyond your call of duty on this one. We cannot let this happen.


Prof M A Sofi, Department of Mathematics, Kashmir University, Srinagar

Can't agree more with your take on "Kashmir Tourism mania". These are the kind of write-ups that should keep appearing in our local newspapers. What is so special about this write-up is that its contents come right from the horse's mouth, as it were. You have indeed hit the nail on the head, what with its impact on the powers that be whose short shrift towards such issues may not dent our resolve to salvage whatever little is left of that once upon a time "Paradise on earth".


Asaf Mehmud

Before taking a long leap one has to take a few steps back. Tulip is GUL-E-LALA in Kashmiri obviously because it bloomed in the Valley. Besides some Villas, garden of Emporium (Residency) Nagin Club had choicest variety of flowers. The non-state subject VIPs VVIPs were gifted seeds, seedlings and plants stock butt and barrell.

Ek Hi uloo kafi tha nerane key liye, Ab har shakh pe uloo baitha hai, hal e gulistan kya hoga.


Shakoor Mir

I read your articles in Greater Kashmir ...... The topic of your articles are amazing.... I read your article ‘BEBOOJ RAJ’...... It was really written nicely and may I suggest you to please provide more knowledge of past and present era. May God bless you with happy and healthy life.



Read your article "Bebooj Raj " in GK. A great article to educate the youth of Kashmir about our history. A pity as has always been with the Kashmiri's.

We have not been taught about our history in school.

Hope to read more about our history in your articles.


J L Zutshi

Mr. Ashraf, a retired Director General Tourism of our state writes many articles.
Though you may not agree to all what he writes but his articles are well written, researched and give a view point of an educated Kashmiri Muslim.

His website has been there for three years and there are lot of articles on politics, history, and other subjects pertaining to Kashmir.

Read and enjoy and let me know your reaction.



May Allah bless you for what you have been writing about the dogs.These dog lovers are blind. They have no families and they don’t believe in Allah. Instead they believe in money which they receive in abundance from govt.

Their plan is that no body should kill any kind of animals. Muslims are allowed by Islam to eat all Halal animals and birds but they have put now ban on Hunting. Take Duck hunting, we Muslims are allowed to hunt but now there are some Muslim brothers in Kashmir who are against Hunting. Kindly tell them what our Islam says.

Allah have given you education what you wrote. I had been thinking few weeks ago to call you but didn’t have your cell number.


Bill Warren, UK

Dear Mohammed, I was looking for road travel info either by hire car or with a driver-Leh/ Srinagar/ Pakistan, to travel up the KKH and of course came across your website. Very interesting! I read some of your articles. I will certainly bookmark it. However, I must take issue with your views on "imperialist powers" and colonialism. Mixed feelings on those.

Here in England as I’m sure you are aware we have something of an economic crisis, the latest installment of which is the refusal of our government to accept EU limitations and regulation of our financial sector- the lack of regulation of which got us into this mess in the first place. We certainly have our own dacoits- mostly in the City. So I’m not so sure about imperialist power. The fact of the matter is that the British government is fairly powerless here in their homeland, let alone anywhere else. Maybe its always been like that. Money rules, not governments. Democracy? Our government is but a whore who prostitutes herself to finance and multinational corporations. And, as in previous economic crises elsewhere, international finance will be bailed out by the IMF and governments will impose spending cuts aimed at the poor in order to pay for the bail out.

There is an old music hall song which goes "It’s the rich what gets the pleasure/ It’s the poor what gets the blame/ Its such a crying shame/ Aint it always been the same". Still is ... Best wishes



Hi again Ashraf, My colleague, Shubhajit and I, reached out to you a couple of times over the past few weeks and hadn't heard back so I wanted to try you one last time. The original offer for the free Nymgo promo codes generated so much excitement that we ran out quicker then expected, however, I wanted to let you know that we are launching a contest today to win one of 5 plane tickets to fly anywhere in the world. I'd love for you to share this news with the readers of Kashmir First. All of the info about Nymgo and the "Fly Me to Visit Someone" contest is posted here, so please feel free to use any or all of it in your post: If you are able to post or tweet about Nymgo, please let me know - I'd love to share it with my team. Thank you so much.


Dr Suranjit Kumar Saha, United Kingdom

Dear Ashraf, I have read your well-written article on the "Special Status" and I really feel for you. To change the mind-set of your fellow Indians in the rest of India is easy.

Let your fellow-Indians know that the separatists like Geelani and Mirwaiz do not speak for you. In fact organise to hound them out from the fair land of Kashmir Valley and push them into Muzaffarabad or Mirpur, which is where they belong. Tell your neighbours, friends and relatives not to give shelter to the terrorists coming from across the LOC.

And on the 26th of January, organise a gathering of 10,000 Kashmir Muslims at Lal Chowk, waving the three-coloured national flag (your flag), singing your national anthem (Jana Gana Mana) and shouting slogans like "Madare Hind Zindabad, Jai Hind, Jamhure Hind Paindabad" etc. Tell those who seek to prevent this that they are traitors and you are against them.

If this happens, you will see how quickly the mind-set of your fellow Indians change and how quickly they embrace you as brothers. If you can't or wouldn't, then please do not blame your fellow Indians for how they feel.

Kashmiri Muslims must learn to take some responsibility for the consequences of not crushing the separatists. I hope you understand what I am saying.


Brij Nath Betab

It was nice to see you through a photograph in today’s greater Kashmir News Paper. Some past memories flashed through. Your days in tourism are still fresh in my mind.

Your article, published under the banner “view Point” is a document of facts. Every line is based on facts. You are correct in saying that the Identity card has become a phobia. It really does not matter for a security person, while checking, that who has issued the ID proof and who has put his seal or signature on it.

Regarding issuance of a passport, I may add that it is not only happening in Kashmir, but for all Kashmiris, irrespective of ‘cast, creed colour, religion and place of residence’. And your sarcastic lines about article 370 are apt.

Though I am out of Kashmir, yet the heart beats and in fact weeps for this place of our birth. God knows when the killings will stop. Yesterday a friend has posted on Face Book that in Kashmir “Cow urine is holier than human blood”. True. It hurts when bullets are fired and innocent persons get killed. My heart goes out to the family of the small innocent boy who was killed in Uri area for no fault of his. I pray for his family.


Mohsin, Toronto

As far as I can remember this has to be one of the best articles I have read from you or anyone on Kashmir. It is insightful, provokes thought with some humour, loved the 'so called international airport' and 'crossing the LOC easier than getting passport' lines.

Please keep writing!



Hi Sir, I regularly visit your site. You are doing great analysis and you are presenting a good picture of Kashmir and the problems it is facing now because of wrong governance. You are also proud of your ancient Kashmiri heritage and that is why your have articles on Shrine of Sarada.

If Islam as a religion had remained confined to Arabia (where it was needed the most and where it belonged) and if Islam had not come to our part of the world then you would have been a Hindu or possibly even a Buddhist. You would then have been much closer to your Kashmiri heritage, which you respect so much.

I only wish that you and your Kashmiri citizens realize that they belong to the the Indian tradition (Buddhist or Hindu) I will always regret this, but pray that you will all realize this and will one day come back to the ancient of Indian/Hindu culture.


Ajay Butt

All these things you have mentioned about USA are partly true they are still by and large god fearing and honest hard working people...

"The social and moral scene in America is even filthier. Gay marriages, children outside marriage, people living with their off springs outside wedlock as single parents. Pornography is widespread. Even there are cases of incest. Crime is quite high. Murders, rapes, muggings, and so many other crimes. It is said girls stand alone in parts of Central Park in New York to get raped..."

All these above are in India...and other Asian societies even Muslim ones and also in Kashmir. Please live in mid west of USA and the southern parts and not follow what's happening the bigger cities of USA and the media. You will know the truth.

This society (western) is much better than one in Kashmir where lies, deception corruption are a norm and way of life...


Ikram Ullah

Hi I appreciate your sense of understanding. Your article was a good read. Wasn't the same advised by Mahjoor when he said, "kari kus bulbula azad panjras manz tse nalaan chuk tse pnani dast pnanian mushkilan asaan paida kar...but pity us we don't understand!"


Sunil Koul

I was going through Google search and found you site . Found Your site very informative. Although I have left Kashmir 20 Years back but it connected me to Kashmir. I hope you will update the web site with more information.


Reuven Kossover

Concerning this interesting article, Kashmiri Pandits - Kings without a Kingdom, it may be worth while for Kashmiri Pandits to investigate the link to a possible Hebrew past. I noted with interest the similarities to my people in the last paragraph in the article. Having been driven from your home for millennia, it may be worthwhile looking into another one. But this is something you will have to cogitate on yourselves.

Blessings from Samaria


Zaheer Bagh

I have been following your articles for some time now and it makes me wonder, there is so much about Kashmir that we youth have been missing for such a longtime.
Great job.

Loved your article on Jesus and Hemis., looking forward to the second part of it.


Abid Zargar

Thank You for a candid article (Sun City goes to Dogs). Indeed a very sad situation. The nation needs a leader, a vision, and a direction.

Syed Inam Qadri, Delhi

I always get fascinated by reading about ancient history and its links to Central Asia. Our links with Central Asia is evident from our living style, language, dress and cuisines and it was made strong by Sufis from Iran, Iraq and other adjacent countries. Sufism in Kashmir and in Central Asia is two sides of the coin.

This article is very informative for young folk of Kashmir. Author has nicely related history with possible solution of Kashmir problem.

I always read your articles and always find them informative and interesting. But now a proper shape is needed. Please let me know if you have wrote any book or plan to do so.

Gurjit Singh, Jammu

I am Gurjit Singh belong to Jammu, I have my own Adventure club name ECO ADVENTURES. I read your article in Kashmir Times Sunday's edition. I came to know about you from there. Earlier I was also in Perth (Australia) last year I came back and started an Adventure related programme, at the moment I have started with River Rafting and Mountaineering I am planning for Para gliding. But I want to learn more about Adventure as I m not familiar with the institutions regarding this sports. Sir can you advise me, that from where I fetch the knowledge of Adventure Related programmes

Mubashir Qureshi

dear sir how r u. ur topics always inspire me

Mohammad Yousuf

Your column namely THE GULMARG NOSTALGIA was indeed touching. Well done. We are mesmerised and puzzled too the way you presented the unknown account of THE MARRIAGE OF THE YEAR between two British skiers. But didn't mention the actual date of this historical marriage.

SIR, you are not on facebook to communicate more effectively with your life long fans and share your life experience to us. Your all contemporaries such as Z.G.MOHAMMAD, FAROQ NAZKI, SHUJAAT BUKHARI, AZIZ HAJI


Khurshid Shahdad

Your article on Hidutva agenda of the so called Secular Indian Façade is very well written. I fully agree with you the way you have described the present situation in Kashmir, thinking of the people of Kashmir with the changed scenario in Pakistan and the advantages that a truly secular India could have if it would be truly secular.


Aseem Tandon

I have read your article which says "BJP unveils HINDU India".
I am not an intellectual like you are, not experienced as you and I can not play with words as you do but as a true secular Indian I am sad and take an exception of your Unkind words to this Great Nation where you are given the right to speak express your thoughts and Ideas in a manner which will hit the sentiments of any community and then you still criticize because you have one point Agenda of India Bashing.

BJP does not represent Our country yes it is a major political party but It does not represent whole India, Sir there are lot of Muslims in Bjp so how can you call Bjp a "Hindu "party more over terrorists are terrorists you can't brand them as saffron terrorists or Islamic jehadis or Muslim terrorists, they are plain and simple terrorists against the humanity and terrorism is a world phenomenon now.

In our vast country we have lot of religious parties like Bajranng Dal,Jamat i islami ,even Sikhs ,Christians have their religious parties in place no secular Indian will like the fundamentalists to rule and they do not have the majority backing, in my opinion.

You have mentioned Gujarat riots yes it is a Blemish on our Country ,but you fail to mention 86 riots where Kashmiri Pundits were targeted in Kashmir valley there was loot, arson and eventually Kashmiri Pundits had to leave their homes. Sir these are the tragedies and the time is to move on.

India belongs to both Hindus and Muslims and nobody can deny that time is to balm the wounds not to reopen them with such irresponsible articles which add fuel to fire in already grim situation.

My family comes from Muzafrabad where my entire clan was brutally murdered, but my elders have taught me to be secular, loving to every community as result I do not have any grudge against any community.

I end my mail with the famous quote of great Allama Iqbal"Mazhab nahin sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna Hindi hain hum Watan Hai Hindustan Hamara". This was the outburst when I read your article anywhere If I have been rude to you will kindly excuse me for that.

BR Singh

I have read many articles on power in the last twenty years. I also met an activist recently in Delhi who intends to move the court against the NHPC PDC tie up. I regret to have to say that Kashmiris are unable to look at the problem rationally. You will notice that the Dogras don’t complain much though it is Jammu that has most of the potential not Kashmir, and even without the Indus waters Kashmir's potential would not have exceeded1700 MW. Also, the losses from the IWT are all in the future. That means if J&K had exploited all of what is available there would be no shortage. In 1947 the total capacity was 7 mw in Kashmir and 1/2 mw in Jammu.

Today the state government owns 200 mw in Kashmir and about 480 in Jammu. In addition GOI owns 480 in Kashmir and 850-900 mw in Jammu. Of this about 200 mw is J&K's share. Also J&K has a share in central projects outside the state. I think it is now about 400 mw; I am not sure about the latest figure. So, against 7 mw in 1947 J&K owns capacity of about 1400 mw which comes down in winter significantly. 500 mw transmission capacity into the valley had been built already and the 440kva line will double that.

The problem and I have constantly said this is that people don't want to pay for their power. Hydel power costs an average of Rs 3.50 to produce these days. The state is losing about 2000 crores in supplying power. I have opposed handing over projects to the NHPC and even retrieved

Baglihar and Sawalkote from them, but the problem is deeper. Why are they handed over in the first place? Kashmiris need to ponder over this question rather than blaming others.

Are you aware that the IWT was signed with the consent of the J&K government? Do you know that when the Bhakra Beas system was being planned as a consequence of the IWT J&K was asked what share it wanted out of the 3000 Mw planned and they asked for only 10 mw.

The narrative of being treated unfairly is true only if you accept that J&K collaborated in the unfair treatment. It was well within the government's ability to say that they should be compensated proportionately for the losses the state would undergo as a result of the treaty. Why has Sawalkote failed to take off? Why could Baglihar be constructed in record time despite all those allegations? What are the problems that prevent J&K from executing its own projects? Think about these rather than the unending narrative of victim hood.

That is a chord easily and willingly plucked. The real problem is elsewhere. Also, what the IWT has taken away cannot be restored till Pakistan can be persuaded to renegotiate the treaty. There are hidden issues that some one like you should make the public aware of, if you put Kashmir first.


Farooq Sofi

It has always been a pleasure reading your articles almost on everything. The Kaunsar nag trek was just wonderful. Unfortunately I could not go there but is still in "to do list". Could you kindly some more photos of Kaunsar Nag Lake.


Katherine Gogel

I was delighted to find your web site "Kashmir First" with the page about Haramukh Mountain and the lakes.

My Kashmiri husband Shabir and I are trekking guides because we love the mountains so very much. I would love to explore more of the mountains of Kashmir, but so far we have always chosen to go to Haramukh except for one trek from Aru to Tarsar and over to the Sindh River valley, which was a great trek. We still love waking up to the sun shining light upon Haramukh before it touches our tents. Also we have a favourite horse man in Naranag.

Reading your historical perspective about Haramukh, the lakes and also Naranag has greatly increased my knowledge. Thanks so much for sharing it. I also was not aware that there is a Jammu & Kashmir Mountaineering and Hiking Club. Does it still exist, and can one visit the office to look at publications and maps? I had often wondered if any team had climbed Haramukh, and thought it would be very attractive to international mountaineers although its height is not enormous compared with the Karakoram Range and others in the Himalaya.


Showkat Reshie

I am very sorry that I wrote u after long time. I was also in Kashmir few days ago.
I just returned to my work place from Kashmir. What I saw in Kashmir infuriates me.
Now realised, before asking Azadi from India we should ask azadi from our hardline leaders. Frankly speaking I noticed him his conscience is never clear. There is definitely some sort of mudsling in his heart. In my sense SYG is not a true and honest man in his approach. In addition to this, Kashmiri are sufferings due to their rude and rouge ways of doing work. Allah forgive I see the Kashmir is going to extinct from its existence, SO much wrong and rude things hidden in long beards and white caps.

Nothing is going to help till some Wali lands in Kashmir. For whom the young people are dyeing. U know if that dream came true now. More than those died, will die due to civil war and riots among us only. I fear if Allah is waiting for some more serious pretence.


Satanu Majumdar

Read your article on Rising Kashmir about the slow death of Kashmiri tongue. Good to know that you know Napoleon’s quotation about good mothers.

I have one question for you. Ashraf is a Perso-Arabic name. What's your Kashmiri name?


Amir Khan

Your article about International Airport is a Bingo!!
It seems that you have just put on my feelings over there...thanks for that.
I would suggest you to be on facebook and spread your articles over will get lot of comments and circulations. Let me know if you have a facebook account so that I can add.....BTW I am pasting your article on my facebook wall.


Rajesh Kumar

1. Ref your article on 15th Nov 10 on The Kashmir Times, Jammu.

2. The views expressed about the AFSPA seem to be biased towards proving that AFSPA is a cover up for HR violations in Kashmir, which is far from the truth, as is evident on the ground.

3. You have yourself acknowledged that the Indian Army is a well disciplined force, and thus would never undertake such mis- adventure.

4. Your justification for removal of AFSPA from the valley, due to eradication of militancy is again wishful thinking, since our neighbours continue their nefarious activities, as is evident from the number of encounters and cross border infiltration bids.

5. The stringent rules within the defence forces make each and every person accountable for their actions and no one is spared in the eventuality of any misdeed.



Thank you for sending me the link to your writings. I am sorry but I do not agree with you about the Beetab Valley development. I was disappointed to see the place turned into a cheap copy of a free style contemporary "urban" garden. The iron gates, lamps and grills and gazebos have no place in places like Pahalgam. I am afraid the so called "Development" authorities are destroying the ambiance of Kashmiris natural landscape. Keep up the good work.


Abid Zargar

I believe the core of the issue is the bitterness of 1947 division driving politics of two countries and politicians on both sides belonging to the generation who have 1947, 1965 and 1971 tragedies deeply entrenched in their minds. Ironically, our people had nothing to do with the division. There is no hope that the two countries will solve K-issue until a new generation takes over the political reins on both sides. On our side, a clear vision of the future is lacking.



I just hope life could be so simple and facts so straight. Unfortunately, there are greys all around. Not countering any of the views by author, I am perplexed by what he wanted to communicate. What is it that is different in today's India vis-à-vis so called to be proclaimed Hindu state? If author understands so well the genesis of being Hindu, then he must also have understood that being does not in anyway means insertion of religion in day to day life, making a hardcore formulation to be adopted by everybody and championed by state. Sorry, it never does means. It means being plural, being able to reconcile with the different and the difference, it means to strive for harmony among the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer. Please read it carefully, I mean every word written here. There is utility for every one of us in the universe and this is the essence of being a Hindu. Please wish us, the citizens of India, that we never have to live whence state would tell us whom to worship and whom not to, wear what and what not, eat what and what not, though there are always elements that would try to force it to us. But we, the people are at guard. India is a modern progressive nation where civil liberties are guaranteed by constitution and we shall defend it as many of us have already done in past.



Assuming that India is a Hindu state, how do you propose we could make it an Areligious Institution?
If currently there is no commonality except the Hindu religion, what commonality of values could we create to be representative of India over a period of time?
From your article, would it be correct to conclude, that the solution to Indo-Pak tensions is reintegration much like two brothers in a bollywood movie breaking the wall dividing their house?


Sonia Jabbar

I usually read your articles with interest, but this left me extremely disappointed. You have provided no reason for the answer you have given to the question you have framed. You have simply declared India is a Hindu state and provided one quotation from Arundhati Roy to substantiate your argument. To present ‘Hindus’ as an undifferentiated block is to buy into the Hindutva vision of India and it simply ignores the Indian reality of caste, class and education.

Is a Yadav judge from Bihar likely to have the same predilections and prejudices of a Tamil Brahmin judge? Is a Kashmiri Pandit bureaucrat likely to have the same attitude to diligent work as a UP Kayasth? Is a Bengali Marxist who happens to have a Hindu surname have the same political leanings as a Jat farmer? Is an adivasi a Hindu is a Dalit Hindu? In fact, how do you define ‘Hindu’? (the British had a rather simple formula: anyone who was not a people of the book became a Hindu in all their censuses, steam-rollering the thousands of traditions and practices of the people of India.)

If you had, been able to provide data that proved the dominance of upper castes in the services it would have gone some way towards saying that democratic India is ruled by upper castes (it would still not prove India is a Hindu state), but in the absence of such data your argument remains facile propaganda.

As much as some of you may inadvertently strengthen the forces of Hindutva to support the passage of India into a Hindu state, please remember as long as the Constitution of India holds and India is governed by laws framed by this constitution, and is supported by the majority of its people whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist or atheist it can never become a Hindu state.


Vijay Tandon

dear sir, I am an avid reader of your newspaper with a sole aim of getting the news from the other side, but we do expect from a newspaper of sure stature to be objective, unfortunately from the recent past all that we are reading from the paper is blatant antiindian propaganda and very few articles which give a balanced view of the situations there are not always black and white but there are many shades of grey also.

mr mhd.Ashraf when he writes his travalogues is a different person. his dabbling in Kashmir politics is showing his true communal colors, his essay and research on hindutava in which he bashed mr. advani, mr narendra modi and while acknowledging the massacre of Hindus by the Muslim invaders and breaking their temples (not admitting babri masjid like structures constructed over them) and then their rule over India and the conversions of religion (it is possible that M. Ashraf could be the descendant of a converted Hindu unless he has the history of his family tree going back to afghans or chengis khan) but he has no words for al qaeda, taliban, mullah umar, syed sallauddin, gilani, jaish-a-mohd and other tanzeems who have converted Kashmir into a hell, and what kind of gutless people he represents who without thinking follow the calendar of hartals of the so called leaders who do not have the courage to fight an election but have talibnized the liberal kasmiriyat.

mr. asraf while pouring venom on the hindutava forces has insinuated that the security forces in j&k have also been converted hence wilfully kill the Muslims but not realising that the j&k police is totally a Muslim force, CRPF has quite a few Muslim battalions, and they operate under the orders of J&K police, and the Indian army has the best of secular track record and except for some minor aberrations are loved by the people go and ask in uri, tangdhar, gurez kapwara, poonch, mendhar, hill kaka of surankot where they protest if the army picket moves away.

As regards Abdullah family bashing prey do tell us that you Kashmiris are the biggest corrupt lot and bashing every ruler is your hobby. But my lament with the KT is that since they do not pay for these columns written why must they entertain trash. Perhaps the middle page has to be filled up when columns of tavleen singh and kuldip nayyar are not available.

I am sure my this letter will not be published. But my advice to mr. ashraf is to restrain himself to travalogues only.


Mohsin Yaseen, Canada

Honesty before Azadi. Excellent article, really liked your comment on Kashmiri language that we no longer want to teach our kids!


Farooq Sofi, USA

Your articles on trekking in "once" lovely valley mean a lot to me. I read them with great interest. Would suggest you to put the photos or links on facebook, a great social network.


Danish Ahmad, New Delhi

Today, felt greatly happy while reading an article "Delhi's eye wash" in Kashmir Times. You have really criticized India for not making sincere efforts for dialogue. It is indeed eyewash that on one hand India tells our leaders to come forward for dialogue but on the other hand doesn't obey the principle's of our leaders(5 point formulae) instead they give statements like Kashmir is an integral part of India.


Khan, Aarzoo
(Research scholar; dept of History; Kashmir University)

Liked your write-up that appeared yesterday in Rising Kashmir. You are right in saying that the anger in Kashmir is not spontaneous - it has been building over the decades. This All-Party Team's meeting is nothing but another open and organized insult slapped on us. I am sure that the whole thing is going to end in a fiasco. At first, we were aghast at their inaction but now that astonishment has turned into contempt and disgust. What is worrying me is the 'rowdyism' that our youth has off late developed. What they out there are failing to realize is that it is not something that has gone into us, but it is something that has come out at last.


Mohsin Yaseen Wani, Toronto

It is always a pleasure reading your articles and insight into the current situation, including articles on greater Kashmir and the view points of political and non-political leaders. My interest in writing to you is to highlight the social evils of us Kashmiris ... click here to read more

Farooq Sofi, USA

Your articles have always been awesome, whether on places or politics of Kashmir.
I have been lucky to visit the Gangabal Lake on three occasions from 3 different routes. It is quite sad to see the present condition of this business in valley. I am attaching on photo taken from Zajibal connecting Gangabal with Tilel (Jawdara).


Inayat Ullah Khan

Your latest 'Kashmir open-dated Cheque' is the most revealing thoughtful reminder how NEMESIS exacts dire retributions for misdeeds. You are seeing these happenings everywhere for petty gains of perks and pelf we are busy selling our very heritage. Our ignorance of our heritage would condemn us to final obliteration.


Reza Hussain

It's absolutely incredible to learn about the chaos and anarchy as prevailing in present day Kashmir. By clinging to an ostensibly dubious — in any event outdated — legalistic position by India and using it as a reason for the use of military force verging on genocide now to suppress the people of Kashmir, surely cannot change their hearts and minds to identify themselves with the claim that Kashmir is an integral part of India. It is earnestly hoped very soon better sense would prevail in the minds of the Indian leadership to finally start a dialogue of appeasement with the rightful leaders and representatives of Kashmir to make an honest attempt in the hope of peacefully winning their hearts and sympathies in favour of India with the ultimate aim of offering them some form of autonomy. This perhaps could be the only way of achieving their preparedness to commence a dialogue with them. To start with, it could be for the India controlled part of Kashmir, and by setting an example, perhaps in course of time for the entire State of Kashmir.

The fear that left to themselves the Kashmiris would flock in hordes into the arms of Pakistan merely based on the commonality of religion alone appears obsolete and hence unfounded now. The totalitarian and radical stone age Islam as propagated by the Taliban, El Qaeda, Jamaat-e-Islami, etc., — and for that matter probably even declined by the majority of the enlightened section of the people of Pakistan - is in my opinion contrary to the liberal Islam as practised by the majority of Kashmiris. However it is also without doubt that in certain stages of the strife after partition, discord was continuously fomented by Pakistan, aided, and abetted by some elements of sympathising Kashmiris, against India in the myopic hope of bringing Kashmir under the total sphere of their influence and control. It appears now that in course of time the people of Kashmir have been disillusioned and have come to realise that their salvation also does not lie in by getting into bed with Pakistan.

The idea proposed does not claim originality and may sound too simplistic and naive and its implementation next to impossible, particularly by preventing the intrusion of Pakistan. But the status quo cannot continue under any circumstance. Perhaps a strategy for gradual autonomy could be developed as a possible solution under the neutral and impartial aegis of the United Nations. Something has to happen urgently to ameliorate the misery of the long-suffering people of Kashmir. It's already way past high noon.


Showkat Reshie

Sir you are right. We are resilient and tolerant. But if we look into our selves closely - are we true Muslims. Look into our deeds. Look into our behaviour. Look around what is happening. No sympathy for fellow citizens. Respect is a forgotten thing, and purity of thought has crossed the pirpanchal range. BADDIYANTI, BE IMANI, LOOT MAR, KAMEENA PANTI, JAHILSAZI, BADKARI, adultery and drug addiction and alcohol drinking all are on the peak. I have seen myself. I am not lying. This is a fact. All that is happening in Kashmir is not happening in Mumbai or Delhi. I have visited almost the whole country. Some times I become very frustrated. Isn’t Allah punishing us? When it is raining it rains till floods. When the Sun comes out it flushes out not rays but heat waves. When crops or fruits ripen either hails or rains do their part.
Iqbal writes -"qom kya chheez hain qomoon ki amamt kya hai yeh kya janeinge doo rak'et ke imam"


Reyaz Ganaie, Bijbehara

Neo Maharajas. Nothing has changed but only faces.
This is in response to your article,” Back to 1931” which is a nice piece of writing in continuation with your previous article, “Back to 90’s” wherein you have scholarly given us a clear picture of 1931. The after math of the incident of 13 July 1931 which followed the fierce speech of revolutionary Abdul Qadeer Khan who had asked the people to wake up from the deep slumber and put a spirit among the people to fight against the Dogra rule in Kashmir. It is a fact that in the heart of hearts Maharaja had a soft approach towards his subjects even mentioned by the scholars who have done research on the freedom struggle of Kashmir. However the on going suppression committed on the people since 1990’s in particular and from last six decades in general is graver. Lakhs of people were killed which resulted in dozens of new martyr grave yards across the valley. Since 1931 nothing has changed but only faces and now we have Neo Maharajas practicing the same laws and procedures in the art of governance left by the Maharajas as a legacy. However the difference between the Dogra rule and the Indian rule is only that the former forced the people to shout Maharaja Ki Jai while the later is asking the people to shout Jai Hind. I agree with your views that Kashmir suffered a lot from last six decades as compared to the Dogra rule on several fronts socially, economically, politically and morally. Mostly we also witnessed environmental degradation in Kashmir and for that Dal Lake, Wuller Lake, Anchar Lake, and Brari Nambal etc are live examples for us. The story does not end here. We also saw how our green wealth was looted especially during last twenty years of turmoil by the security forces deployed in the forest areas. A number of army vehicles were caught red handed from time to time by the police and this was not the case with the Dogra rule. Therefore one can only say that the present situation in Kashmir is graver than the 1931.


Reyaz Ahmad Ganaie

This is in response to your article Back to 1990 wherein you have rightly highlighted the prevailing situation in Kashmir through a historical background & has compared the present situation with the early 90's however the only difference between the two is that in 90's security forces were dealing with militants & now they are killing the unarmed protesters on roads. I agree and appreciate with your view that India is following a double stand while dealing with the people in other states and the protests in Kashmir .I have a great respect for you and your scholarly writing as there is a need of brave and bold scholars like you to this oppressed nation. We are usually talking and giving reference of your articles. I am the regular reader of your articles but today I read your article after a long time on Rising Kashmir on internet as these days news papers have been unofficially banned and the only source of reading news papers are internet.Thankyou


Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani
Secretary General – JKCHR

I saw your article “Hemis and Jesus-II” in Kashmir Times today. The contribution is the first of its kind. It embeds an interest which could enhance the constituency of wisdom highly favourable to Kashmir. The caveat however, is that the people of Kashmir have remained hostile to new ideas and comparative study. They are driven by singular bias of for or against. They read and believe news in Kashmiri news papers, most of which do not have a 32 mile reach. Under these circumstances a contribution of this nature may not be noticeable to many. It is a lead contribution.


Dr. Mubeen Shah,

A very good article. Writers like you on different subjects are on the spot. Please continue this as we have few writers having the guts. We need now to bring it in newspapers in the West, Middle East as that may be the only way to stop these marauders. I have been all the time impressed by your Kashmir first and was my basis in whatever position I was in my humble way to bring that in the conscience of our politicians and civil society.

Farhat Bucch

One thing that has always been a weakness of our movement is the lack of intelligentsia participating in the struggle. However, I see a silver lining in the cloud now. I see a lot of writers like you who are pushing the agenda of Kashmiris and not India or Pakistan. I agree that the western media has a different perspective. But that is more because of the successful way India has been able to misrepresent our struggle and intertwine it with other conflicts in the world. Our job is to change that. We have to stand up for what we are. As you have rightly said, our society is very tolerant and has always been like that. Indians always want to negate that. Even now you see the attempt to connect the Amarnath Yatra with this agitation.

I have lived in the Middle East as well and after careful study have found that our way, the Sufi way is what works for our psyche. In fact you will be amazed to know that here in Canada I have learned a lot about Sufism from Turks and Moroccans

Khurshid Mohiuddin

The article blind folded Delhi gives actual image of central govt but we all Kashmiris have to accept this. I request your good self to write some editorials and encourage people of Kashmir to unite once for all to achieve right to self determination. This is right time and not make this agitation just like previous one. Hope that sir u will act upon my request.


Reapan Tikoo

Enjoyed reading your in depth notes on History. You should compile all your writings and give it the shape of a book.


Dr Rauf A.Mir
Kansas City,

I finally was fortunate to visit the website & enjoyed lovely pictures & very involved discussions & comments from Kashmiris & others from around the World.

CONGRATULATIONS for an extraordinary scholarly work. I would have never imagined that your participation in the newly formed J&K Mountaineering Club's quickly arranged hiking trip to the famous chain of beautiful high altitude lakes in 1969 and our Mountaineering course in Darjeeling in 1971 would get you hooked to the depths of the beauty of our Motherland and make you to shine in the newly found carrier path of Tourism Governance. I certainly was aware of your intelligence, charming personality, and deep love of our Motherland & concern of its multiple problems. I am indeed proud of your pen ship & excellent use of time following your retirement.


Mahmoud ur Rashid Masoodi

Your topic Hemis & Jesus is worth lot of appreciation, with a great feature of references you mentioned with every detail. What I want to share with you that I was once travelling from Srinagar to home & I met an engineer who told me that he worked in Uri hydro electric project & Govt of J&K told them to do survey for Neelum(commonly called kishan ganga) hydro-electric project. A foreign engineer asked the person whom I met about some place in Bandipora (whose name I forgot) & then they went there, saw an old temple there. He told me that the trees around that temple don't resemble any tree here. He told me that those trees resemble the trees of Baitul laham. I am very curious to know about it.


Aamir Khan

It has always been an uphill task in Kashmir for reality to come out. Awareness may help in this regard but like other incidents in history I am personally not positive this time too.

We can only pray as we always do. For us freedom has always been under siege.

Anyway I always try to follow your articles; I like them.

All the best and keep the good work going!!!!


Haji Abdul Majid Butt
Geoscientist. Buffalo USA

Zanskar, the last place on Earth - I am witness to how huge wooden columns of wood were being transported by Buddhist monks across Umasi la unmindful whether they will reach Padum or not from Matchel/Sumcham of Padder area under harsh weather conditions steep ascent, braving the huge glacier. This reminds me the religious zealot who once said while working at Srinagar Jamia masjid….Deenukh thum chum seenus peth kouthha morus khodayo (since I carry the load for God he shall be responsible).

Entire state is full of such stories where ordinary application of mind fails while guarding SELF.

Nubra, the Silk Route - Recapitulating the electricity supply to Leh/Kargil, it was Nucleolus organization Ladakh a Subsidiary of J&K Minerals Ltd providing electricity during 1966 to 69 from its diesel sets. Sulphur springs of Ladakh as well as valley at Wuyan/Islamabad and at Tatapani, Kalakote shall not only provide relief to patients but shall be a great tourist attraction at par UAE if given to private parties to develop. Tourists now days make a great queue around sulphur springs for therapeutic properties.


Prof. B.L.Kaul

I read your article titled "Gilgit-Hunza, Hilton's Shangri-La!-IV" in Kashmir Times of May 5, '2010. It is a fascinating article. I remember reading an article in Readers Digest in 1960 when I was a student of B.Sc. at S.P.College Srinagar. I do not remember name of the author. It was a fascinating article and as you have mentioned the people living there were mentioned as tall, fair, and handsome. The author thought that they were more like Europeans.


Haji Abdul Majid Butt GEOSCIENTIST
Buffalo New York USA

Anglo-American Blueprint for Kashmir.The suggestion given to solve our issue with our own people is meaningful & result oriented. After all who is our friend or foe nobody knows. Let us make a home beginning. Yearning for peace is as important as working. There is no life after Democracy; it is a utopia.


Abid Zargar

In my opinion, Gilgit, Baltistan, Ladakh, and Kashmir together can become world's best destinations for mountain adventure. There is a strong connection between these regions from historical, cultural, geographical, and economical perspective. The key to the prosperity of the people lies in political, social, and economical unification of these regions. Unfortunately, the political events of the past 60 years have created such a gap between the two sides that most of our young generations do not even know where Gilgit and Baltistan is. I hope and pray that the Skardu - Kargil sector be opened for tourism. That will not only bring prosperity to the people but will also help in bringing the four regions together.


Awais Bin Wasi

I have just gone through your article ' Forget Azadi, revoke AFSPA!' in Kashmir Times.
I also agree that immediate steps should be taken to give relief to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.


Ajaz Ahmad Wani

I have read your articles about the Zanskar and Suru valley of Kargil.You have penned your journeys mostly adventurous, in an interesting manner which would generate interests in the people. As you have travelled extensively to these places you may be knowing the oblivious attitude of the government towards the development of Tourism infrastructure in Zanskar. Zanskar has the potential of becoming another contemporary Leh, if the government takes keen interest in doing so. I have tried to pen down these vows many a times. Sir, I request you to kindly write about these issues through your intellectual bend of mind.


Tarun Talwar

I think I am falling in love with your articles. I just read the
article on Rangdum and Suru valley and I was absolutely glued to my
screen for few minutes. Thank you so much for the articles.
I wish to see many more articles from you and again anxiously waiting
for the Gilgit article. It may be my unfulfilled dream to venture
across Gilgit Skardu. I wish to see K2 base camp but in the current
political situation does not seem possible.

Aftab Ahmed

Suru Valley-I
I am regular reader of your articles. These articles contain the truth of riches we have in our Vale. I downloaded the book you have mentioned in this article ie "Peaks & Glaciers of Nun Kun". The attachment could not be mailed because of its big size (18MB). Please find the link for download. It is free.


Abid Zargar

New Machines for Dal Lake.
Thanks for the article. I believe the core of the problem lies in the short bursts of initiatives driven by the free funds provided by external sources like government in New Delhi, Asian Development Bank, etc. With corruption being the norm, any such initiative will never produce a sustainable self healing process for Dal Lake or any other water body in Kashmir. We will continue seeing the half hearted efforts.

An alternative approach should be to let Dal Lake create funds for itself. A non-profit organization be created by law to manage every aspect of Dal Lake. Any one trying to pollute the lake be made to pay heavy tax towards preservation of the lake. Site seeing around Dal Lake be ticketed. Traffic around the lake be minimized and ticketed. Team of foreigners and local experts be made to manage the non-profit organization. This will promote creativity for healing the lake and penalize those polluting the lake.


Vijay Tandon

Dear Mr. Ashraf, till few days back I was enjoying your travelogues
which started with your reminiscences of your child hood visits to
Jammu and then your travels to nook and corners of our state as
Tourism Director. But it seems after retirement we have one more
addition in the ranks of Kashmir experts.


Haji Abdul Majid Butt GEOSCIENTIST.
Buffalo, New York USA

David verses Goliath story by M.Ashraf makes an interesting historical backdrop on stone pelting.How a small stone or slingshot becomes fatal has to be understood under scientific reason.Stones in Kashmir which are used as stoneballast are essentially drawn from regions of Karast topography & mainly consist of LIMESTONE which has FeO(iron) the mineral component of the rock.Decomposition of the rock leaches oxidised iron; & when in contact with blood, contaminates it causing fatal death.CaO the other content accelarates the action.Wound in most cases causes death or perenial disability


Zahid G Muhammad

Nubra, the Silk Route Gateway.

Excellent- I look forward for this book- I have gone up to Pratapgarh- I visited Nobra once and thought of writing my experiences but they would not be so exhaustive- It did snow on that day at Khurdungla- it was October 1982, I do not know if you were also on that visit? Peter of Stern Magazine accompanied us.


Khurshid A.Shadad

Ashraf’s Adventures.

Dear Ashraf it was nice to read something like this from you after a long time. Very interesting, I hope you can make it a series of writings about different beautiful places in different parts of the state?

The Gulmarg Avalanche

An educative write-up. I hope the authorities that be look into it and act on your advice. It reminds me of seventies when we used to spend Christmas and new-year at Gulmarg and the snow would be twice our height.


Rafique Junaid

The Gulmarg Avalanche.

Sorry to hear about the Avalanche in Gulmarg. As explained in your article, the need of the time is to scientifically predict and act in anticipation for all such eventualities.


Shah Tanveer Aziz

Pangong and Tsomoriri Lakes.

Very nice and exciting...I was following the whole series of articles interestingly.

I with my some other friends form an adventurous group of bike riders and each year we drive to scale some mountains and beautiful location in Himalayas. This time in June we are planning for Chandigarh-Manali-Leh-Khardungla-Pangontso Lake-Leh-Kargil-Srinagar-Jammu-Chandigarh.


Rafique Junaid

Peaceniks versus Warmongers. One of the best articles on Indo-Pak conflict.


Niyaz Chapo

Your write up of Lal Chowk freed is really touching and full of optimism. Let us hope that it will be freed in real terms from the bloodshed.

May Allah give Kashmir a peaceful and bestow it with the basic right for which many thousands of sacrifices have been offered. Aameen.


Haji Abdul Majid Butt. Geoscientist. Buffalo NY USA

Pangong and Tsomoriri Lakes.

Apropos the captioned article recapitulating my posting days at Pugga Borax project; JK Minerals drivers used to collect as much as borax & other salts contaminated water & used to give the same to Asthma patients in Jammu as well as at Srinagar with tremendous recovery & providing relief in inhaling air.

The moonlight night walk around pugga valley in front of Tsokar was reminiscent of a Moonwalk.

Wonder if anybody now days can take research on the efficacy of boron salt water for treatment of Asthma.


Farooq Sofi, USA.

Have been reading your article on Ladakh which is awesome. Shah-i-Hamdan travelled from Gultari (Pak side of Baltistan-and there is still a mosque existing there) to Siachin, DBO, Karakorum pass to Yarkand to spread Islam. Could you write something about this epic journey, the route he might have taken during this great journey?


Ritu Singh, Jammu

I read your article of dated 27/Jan/10 which was excellent and superb. This reflects you as an intelligent and superb person with all your achievement of your life as I also heard about these lakes and want to visit as soon as possible when life gives me chance. If you don't mind I just want to enhance your knowledge by just giving some clues about some lakes which are untouched and unexplored by human beings. These are situated at upper region of Poonch (3 to 4 beautiful lakes). I am very sorry I do not remember the name of those lakes but I read about them in a article of book named MIRROR & REFLECTION composed by Kamal Mahendru


Omar Wani

Pangong and Tsomoriri Lakes. Very interesting article. I haven't seen a lot of Ladakh - but this makes things quite clear.

Think I will plan a trip this year...


Rafique Junaid

Zanskar, the Last Place on Earth.

The account of the whole journey is Simply Marvellous!

Solitary Swallow Flying Off!

A regular dependable flight to and fro from Kashmir to Dubai would have been really lovely and helpful, for people returning to Kashmir from the Far-West as well - especially as a stop-over respite in Dubai. Dubai centred international carriers might be interested if provided the necessary support by the Local authorities.


Khurshid Malik

Zanskar, the Last Place on Earth.

Amazing, breathtaking photos. The 1st photo on the present article is also fabolous.All the best.


Farooq Sofi, USA

Your account of Zanskar took me to Zanskar - at least in imagination!! I always wanted to see the wonderful land of Zanskar but could not go beyond Sanku. I think the same road leads to Padum'


Irfan Nazir, Rajbagh Srinagar

I have gone through latest write up, ''ZANSKAR-2''. It is beyond all doubts very informative and well written.


Taha Islam, London

“Shopian Flash Flood”. Great Article, I think you should shed more light on these conspiracies happening in our motherland.


Khurshid Malik

An article of substance on Trout Rearing. May I add Achabal Farm would rear Trouts weighing in Kgs.We lost it to Militancy?


Rafique Junaid

“Rearing Trout”.Nice Article as usual; A good proposition and that too for FREE!



“Proposers and Disposers”.

Rightly put. It depicts our psyche. We do and undo ourselves.


Sonia Jabbar

There is a grave error in an otherwise interesting article. In describing the 2 types of Taliban you seem to have conflated the first with the general Afghan populace. This is false. The Taliban is a movement that grew out of ISI and Saudi funding to control post-Soviet Afghanistan. They were not the brave warriors you claim pushed out the Soviets (only a handful fought in the anti-Soviet war). It was a coordinated effort by different tribes like Ahmed Shah Masood’s Tajiks in the northeast Panjshir Valley to the Pakhtun groups led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in the south and the Uzbeks in the NW led by General Dostum. All these ethnic groups would be appalled at being labelled Taliban as they fought the Taliban during the civil war that ensued after the Soviets were defeated.

And the Taliban were certainly not around in the mid-19th century. The British were afraid of an Afghan-Russian alliance and so sent in forces to influence the then king Dost Mohammad. When they failed they tried to install his brother, Shah Shuja on the throne. The Afghans, basically Barakzai Pakhtuns, rose and killed the small British force in Kabul and the retreating civilians fell to sniper fire while crossing the Hindu Kush back into India— not such a brave or commendable act by the Afghans as you can see!

Since the website is your own, perhaps you would like to make these changes for greater historical accuracy.


Abid Zargar

Response to “The Islands of Kashmir”
Very much appreciate the article. Perhaps our nation has fallen to the rock bottom socially, politically and economically. Need of the hour is for intellectuals to form a collective voice, call for awakening and lead to glory.


Rafique Junaid

Response to “The Islands of Kashmir”
The article speaks for itself. It seems every trouble in the valley is interrelated! which undoubtedly it is. Hope we all get some realisation and amend our ways. We need good people like you for mass awareness. I hope people read and propagate your good thoughts and suggestions.
Every little counts.
I have earmarked this article somewhere in my mental pigeon hole for a later review. The answers might lie in the philosophies of Civic Sense and Moral Science, the elementary lessons of Rights and Duties - Basically Haquq ul Ibad .


Response to, “Kashmir, the west’s blind spot”
A clear journey tracing the total political scenario in a chronological order from Kashmir’s ancient past to its current scenario very comprehensively but with brevity enough to be presentable , readable and understandable in a single note of annotation is a feat in itself and quite uncommon in journalism.
Undoubtedly not in every man's capacity to write with such a historical vision and global perspective especially with reference to changing western agendas and amblyopias.


Response to, “The Dumb Dialogue and the Blind Trade”
Surely, when intentions are really clean and clear it should and really would not need more than few people of average eloquence and calibre from both sides to sort a permanent peaceful your good self have rightly suggested even sign languages work where the Listeners are receptive.
As regards the Blind dates (read blind trade) across LOC, it is SAD to learn that Indian and Pakistani sides are not behaving responsibly and maturely to generate mutual trust and progress.
Thanks for highlighting issues which would otherwise remain unrecognised and unknown.

Rafique Junaid

When Elephants fight, it is the Grass which suffers.Nothing explains the triangular conflict better between India and Pakistan with Kashmir as its Unfortunate Apex. Your similitude of "replacing the suseptible soft grass with bamboo shoots" is very well coined. A Good article once again from your goodself for OUR Two Nations to take some heed from. Best Wishes.


Ghulam Nahami, U.K.

Many thanks for reply and article on S. M. Abdullah which is nearly true representation of his political life. The tragedy was lack of opposition leader and party.

Icon is an object of uncritical devotion; IDOL or a pictorial representation; IMAGE, neither applies to man in Islamic tradition. Was it the right word to debate on?

Thanks for mentioning names of Kalhana, Suyya (my hero) from ancient time and many from Rasool Mir & Habba Khatoon in your article.


Ghulam Nahami, U.K.

In a democratic set up like India politicians make icons like JL Nehru. Now it is Indira Ghandi, Rajiv of the same dynasty. The daily problems and their causes and remedy is not in question and laws are not amended on a regular bases or loop holes seldom closed or first discussed in public. Corruption is way of life or part of culture. Problems remain the same for decades, public have no confidence to tackle by pragmatic fashion. Here in England public opinion is tested on different problems on weekly bases making politicians answerable to the public. Nobody takes responsibility.

It looks there is blame game played which is the easiest way the politicians, bureaucrats and public play. How can a country prosper until corruption is tackled head on and the government becomes powerful to spend money on public services like health, energy law & order environment, education, transport and roads and housing etc. Rule of law should take precedence.

An individual who has character and conscience does not need an icon.


Showkat Reshie

Your analysis today on the changing political stance of Pakistan was very beautiful and energetic. But why don’t you publish your thoughts in the national dailies also so that more people will read it and they will come to know about it. Because most of the people are not aware about the real things about Kashmir. Perhaps this may help in your.......


Noorul Amin Qureshi, VA, USA

In response to the article “Pakistan, a dream gone sour” the author has used the tone of an adversary than a well wisher in analyzing Pakistan’s political and economical failures in the years, which New Delhi and Pakistan haters love to hear. Although, I am a Kashmir but I feel obliged to defend Pakistan as fellow Muslim and a loyal friend.

The basic set back to Pakistan was a historical Indian Russian alliance which no body is talking about. During Russian Afghan war, Pakistanis didn’t want Russian confrontation but they had no choice but to protect their territorial sovereignty from a crazy communist Supper Power. Pakistan also wanted to help a neighboring Muslim brother country Afghanistan, so getting into the war with Russia was not any religious war adventure which Pakistanis loved to get into, most Pakistan haters say so but that is not true, if any one has to be blamed for that should be Russia as an aggressor and India as a silent neighbor and an ally of invader I also like to mention that India did not condemn the Russian invasion on a sovereign neighbor Afghanistan, the same India who is now pretending to be a well wisher of Afghanistan. What a moral hypocrisy! The matter of the truth is India wanted Russians invade Pakistan for their own interests.

Pakistan as a nation has sacrificed a lot physically and economically to the concerns of Muslims and Islam in particular by providing political support to Kashmiri freedom movement which we should not forget so soon however, some Kashmiri may call their support as across border terrorism but that is their opinion. I don’t know why Mr. Jamwal in his response to the article sets only Pakistan responsible to incite hatred across the borders and not India; this shows his personal bias against Pakistan. I think Pakistani people are very resilient to overcome these tough times. They are survivors and dreamers like Kashmiris and I am sure they will come along these hard times and fulfill the dream Of Alama Iqbal the poet of East and silence all her critics. Insha’Allah.

This refers to your article "Pheran Diplomacy - I like the ending of your article, as how we Kashmiris and our leadership can save the Dal Lake. I personally don’t like the idea involving any international organization to clean our mess, as we all know they don’t give free lunches they serve their own interests first, and in that case we should not do anything that we may regret in the future. Dal Lake is our problem we have created this mess so we have a moral and ethical responsibility to clean it. Dal Lake is our national heritage and the beauty mark of Kashmir valley and if we are not serious to take care of it then no body will be. We all are responsible as individuals, business houses, families, leaders, intellectuals and politicians but mostly, as responsible citizens. On one hand we have sacrificed our blood in the fight of our political rights and on the other hand we have killed the very soul and purpose we were fighting for, we have abused our national treasures like forests, lakes and rivers in personal greed and this is a high time we confess our sins and make a Kuffara. Allah helps those who help themselves not those who depend on International Organizations.


Dr. Ghulam Rasool Nahami, 10 Wentworth Avenue, Sheffield England

I read your articles in Greater Kashmir when ever I stay in Kashmir. I notice many of the writers show their personal bias towards historical facts and you are one, to my surprise. In this piece you have not even mentioned the name of Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah who has been one of the best icons in Kashmir history. He was the first Kashmiri who felt insulted when Kashmiri labour were addressed as "Hatto" by Punjabi' in Lahore. He was the first Kashmir Muslim who resigned from the post of a teacher. It was a big decision at that time. He fought against Maharajah Harri Singh for discrimination ageist Muslims of Kashmir. He made first Political Party in Kashmir. He started the movement against Dogra Rule. He was the first Kashmir ruler/Prime Minster of Kashmir. Above all he passed the law "Land to Tillers" S. M. Abdullah is probably the first and the only man in the history of the world to do so. Cashmere's miss Sheikh Abdullah for centuries to come. I say. In case you have some personal grievance against him I can forgive you.

M Yousuf Najar, Chan Mahal, Budgam

We have always been your fan especially for your exclamatory remarks that heat up our mind and emotions viz a viz Kashmir. Today's article, “The Global Hot Spot” is indeed a historical write up, we student community always want to come through. Salute to your prolific imagination and will to transforming your experiences.


Abid Zargar, USA

I was very saddened to see the state of Dal Lake on my recent visit. So much so that I did not feel the desire to see the Dal Lake once again before I left for USA. I believe it is not just the Dal Lake or few other lakes that need immediate attention. The whole Kashmir region is facing an environmental disaster and will need a comprehensive approach. Rules and regulations for managing glaciers, forests, streams, rivers, lakes, orchards, urbanization, etc need to be included in the framework for the revival and sustainment of healthy environment. I believe the government needs to take a tough stand. People are to be blamed but we cannot expect much from people when government has been extremely careless. Even in USA, when Bush administration left financial system unregulated and unmonitored, people of this advanced nation could not stop the financial mess that was created. The fact is that a good section of the population in USA participated in creating the crisis even though there were many voices screaming about the wrong doings. I hope and pray the young CM recognizes the need for immediate action to save the environment in Kashmir as a whole.

Dr. Vikas Jamwal

Regarding your article, “Pakistan, a dream gone sour”, you must have carried your own views as person, in principal there is no harm in writing and sharing. I do agree with you to some extent and at the same time I reserve the right to comment on this very sensitive and shaky issue. I regret to say that Pakistani leadership had already missed the bus of reconciliation and mutual understanding by injecting enough venom of hatred in people across the border. It’s true that border divides the nation, not people, but the ground realities never changed. The Germans united, Yemenis reconciled, and Vietnam unity liberated, days are not far when you will see the divided Korean peninsula as one nation. As for India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is concerned they probably will go with present scenario till the end of this mankind! I may be wrong but I have strong doubts for Pakistanis’ sincerity and commitment to the cause as they have already shown their hidden mental mind set by instigating five wars against India and eventually and at the end lost miserably. It can be possible only and only, if we sew the seeds of reasonable human understanding for generation next of both nations and after 50 years of successful planting, we can only dream of what you say today. My best wishes and prayers are always there to see that wonderful day, you dream about.

Sengathir Selvan Karunanithy

I am daily reading the website of Greater Kashmir to understand the reasons behind alienation of Kashmiris with the mainstream. Also I would like to know the sufferings of these poor Kashmiris who are forced to live in midst of million troops and to learn the untold version in general Indian media.

Your article was very interesting to me because I keep a tab on Pakistan news as well. Your views on current status of Pakistan could be agreed by any right-thing people. Kudos... However, your repetitive statements about "Muslims, their would-have-been-shares in power" are tiresome to read and to comprehend. I feel same tiresome and anguish when Hindu right wing talks about 'Hindu-rashtra, rights of Hindus, blah blah... I have entirely different views on your article which are as follows:

For a south Indian, the events happening in Pakistan pose very curious questions.

1. Your statement "Muslims are killing Muslims" is very disturbing. If you have seen a beautiful Hindi movie firaaq, Nashrudin shah corrects his aide “insaan insaan ko maar raha hain", when his aid boils over killing of Muslims at the hands of Hindus.

2. The main reason for this turmoil in Pakistan is that mixing religion with Politics. India will face same situation if BJP and Sang parivar are given food.

3. Kashmiris should note that cry slogans about Islam may now gather crowds, but such addition of toxic to the politic nature of Kashmir struggle would end up in breaking the social fabric.


Raman Kumar Sharma, Jammu

I read your opinion published in Early Times “BIASED INDIAN MEDIA”........ Though I appreciate you for choosing a democratic way to put forward your views, you deserve many congratulations for this but I do not agree with you that in any manner Indian media is biased or apathetic towards the cause of Jammu and Kashmir..... Therefore soon I will be sending you the full response in the same democratic and civilized manner.
Hope you appreciate it!

Click here to view the full response on "Doubting the credibility of Indian Media" from Raman Sharma.


Surjeet Singh

Your comments that Indian media is biased are totally one sided. Please look at Kashmir media, it is totally biased. If a dog or fly is killed by Indian army, it gives front page coverage to such type of news. On the other hand if 50 people are killed by Taliban or Pakistan army, Kashmir media tries to hide it some where, as if nothing has happened. It has failed to give coverage to the attack on minority Sikhs at rangreth area, near old airport by a mob of Islamic fundamentalists on 1st of June 2009. Similarly it failed to give coverage to atrocities committed by Islamic Taliban in Pakistan on minority Hindus and Sikhs. It is the Indian democracy which allows even fundamentalist papers like Greater Kashmir to continue its workplace. First mend your home and then try to put blame on others.


Adnan Yousseff

I just read your article "The Bully America!" on GK online. Awesome job!!!! We need more literature like that to change people's minds about the west. Keep it up.


Mark Diaz, Medford, Massachusetts, USA

I just read your article about Sylvain Saudan, and skiing Nun peak in Kashmir. What a fascinating (and well written) piece! Thank you so much for writing about this exotic sport. Kashmir is one of those "Paradise Lost" destinations that seems so mysterious and wonderful to an American like myself. I started skiing 47 years ago, and still love to go fast, ski glades, play in the super pipe, ski the bumps, and to do a little Nastar racing as well. I have been lucky enough to enjoy all kinds of terrain and weather, mostly in New England, and a little in Colorado. I would love to experience the scenery, food, and culture of Kashmir. I wish you the very best in all you do, sir. Again, thank you for a wonderful article.


M.Yousaf Najar, Chana Mahal, Budgam

"THE BULLY AMERICA" was a nice article exposing the real face of USA. Indeed our own Kashmir problem is also the proxy scheme of so called free world to reduce Muslims to naught. We feel sorry state when our MULLAS and company leaders beg before them recognizing their role destabilising the whole Muslim UMMAH.

I say salaam to your wit and wisdom for keeping us updated to vital issues. I am your fan of your "Kashmir FIRST" since I started paper reading. May you live long to guide us for we are always left with miseries at the end by all footless leaders.


Farooq Sofi, USA

I refer to your article on Dal Lake. The problem lies in our (everyone) absolute lack of environmental awareness. In west the education starts right from schools on environment awareness. I am sure there was a study done on Dal Lake sometime ago. To implement it in true sense seems difficult if not impossible in not so honest prevailing atmosphere in state. It needs a collective effort from people and government. More funds for Dal mean more "mal" in pockets of concerned officials. It is a simple math. I doubt if we have environmental experts there even? It wouldn't matter!!

A few years ago I visited Wular Lake and was shocked to see a large portion of lake turned into ground, perhaps due to constant silting. Can't see reflection of Harmukh anymore. It is another lake in its last journey.

I appreciate your efforts in highlighting the environmental issues. I am glad that I have some photos of these lakes preserved to show my children, sometime in my old age, that once there was a lake.


Dr. Mushtaq A Siddiqi, SKIMS, Srinagar

I have been reading your articles through GK. I am usually delighted to read articles of social and economic interest which may benefit we, Kashmiris at one time. Your articles on tourism, environment, and other social issues deserve special appreciation. Your recent article about the Dal Lake and its Last Rites should evoke some positive response from policy makers of the state, who are in deep slumber.

In the same article, you have touched the role of Kashmiri Diaspora in the assisting the administration through professional services. But my question is whether, people in high places do really desire for it and if provided has any bearing on the outcome. I recently had an opportunity to attend a UNESCO meeting on Education for Sustainable Development at Bonn, Germany. In addition, while spending almost two weeks there at one of the leading sustainable university named Leuphana University I am surprised as to why Government of Jammu & Kashmir is sitting pretty when so much of professional advice in the area of restoration of water bodies is available with these countries. I had personal interaction with several experts in the field who were more than willing to provide the same on an institutional platform. The tragedy with J&K is that we are riddled with inefficient bureaucracy where professionals have no roll. I am not an expert in the field but being a Visiting Professor to several German and Japanese universities, I have had several opportunities to talk to experts in the field as the issue is as dear to me as any conscientious Kashmiris. However, as a Vice Chancellor Designate to Transworld Muslim University, it will be my dream to establish a CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT with professional services available to the Government for all matters relating to sustainable development, Insha’Allah.


Shahnawaz Mir, S S M College of Engineering

This refers to "The great Tulip Failure" published in G.K. dated 10th May 2009 by M.Ashraf.

The Author has really overhauled role of sycophants, in meeting their inner desires of looting state exchequer, by diverting valuable state resources to unwanted and non target areas. This is a hard fact that nature has endowed us with best of its ecological conditions for production of cut flowers of commercial value, which would really benefit our farming community if advised for diversified practises akin to hi-tech agriculture. But unfortunately administrative hierarchy at the apex level, till date, failed to give practical shape to various components of Horticulture Mission Technology programme, launched by government of India four years back, in which area specific commercial floriculture, vegetable and fruit production were thrust areas of development and cores of rupees have been allocated and allotted to Government of Jammu and Kashmir, out of which only a meagre amount has been shown utilised by Jammu and Kashmir Govt., when the fact is that most of the states of Indian union have utilised the targeted amount and area expansion programmes under Horticulture Mission Technology Programmes. They have made great strides in production/adoption of commercial floriculture, vegetable, and fruits. The live example of which are our north east Indian states, were big commercial floriculture companies within and abroad India are incurring more and more resources, in terms of quality planting material etc.
But unfortunately lack of administrative and political will have marred our development of floriculture, vegetable, and fruits under the aforesaid programme. The Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir has not taken, till date any initiative to reorganise and revitalise the narrow base of floriculture department, which is need of the hour, to reach a common farmer with innovative programmes under Horticulture Mission Technology Programme.


Dr. Naseem Ahmad Charoo, Khartoum, Sudan

Thanks for this useful contribution (Dal, the Last Rites!). One fourth of blame can't be levelled against Government of India, which is always our Prima Facie Suspect. It is we Kashmiris who are to be blamed for this utterly miserable condition of our State. So four out of four blame on us. Lot has been written about this diseased lake. It is time for some action.

The solution is simple. Take houseboats off Dal as the judgement passed by the State High Court. I bet Kashmiris will find one or the other way to over turn it. After all we are Masters at that. Remove illegal construction and floating gardens. However, we are intoxicated by this odd behaviour of grabbing whatever we can. Otherwise how could we convert agricultural land into residential complexes? How could we convert this beautiful Dal into a stinking pool? Greed has taken over all our sensibilities. Let us be ready with obituary for Dal, Wular, Nigeen and guess what not............!


Shahnawaz Ahmad

Salam. Sir you have blamed local people for ruining Dal in your article, “Last Rites for Dal”. It is true. But we can blame to those people who are conscious. But people of Kashmir are in fast sleep. They are sleeping like a bear. I don't understand mind of Kashmiri people. Is there any one having ever minded that we seem to be outlaw people? We can break traffic rules, we can make water impure. We can put rubbish of house holds on the road. But can't do anything other wise.


Inayat Ullah Khan

Your LAST-RITES article is a very logical and thoughtful statement of facts-a grim and very sad reminder for all the cruel depredations wreaked by all of us upon that priceless gift of heaven. We have been so frenetic in our selfish pursuits that we lost every touch with Allah’s WORLD around us, even became stone deaf to Allah’s herald shouting “for whom the bells toll, these toll for thee, so beware"-Az khaawab-gharaan khaiz'. Now I cannot say what fates await us for all times for “those who search for solutions at eleventh hour, usually die at 10.30"

Your last para suggestion appears to me commendable if only it is scrupulously adhered to and implemented.



I am very much impressed to read a very well-written article on Caste Factor in India, “The Indian Caste War” by you. I recall my college days in S.P.COLLEGE at Srinagar back in forties. It was a memorable day I still remember. A debate was going on in the central hall where everyone was speaking out freely on the future shape of things to come in the near future on the attainment of freedom from British Government. It was my turn to speak and speak I did aloud reciting a wonderful poem of a famous poet which in fact was Kanahiya Lal Kapoor’s grim indictment of what that so-called sage of ancient times "Manoo Maharaj" did by introducing the most reprehensible caste divide of Indian society with the so-called divine sanction of Hindu religion. I remember only first couplet of that poem. I quote, "Manoo Maharaj tairey rooh-ai muazm ko salam, /Shobadah-baaz tarai saharay manzam ko salam." etc etc. It is a long hitting poem. I projected a very dark future for the deprived class due to caste divide. And the fact is that under religious sanction and guise he divided the Aryan society into water-tight segregated compartments which for centuries had mercilessly exploited the deprived class. I say mercilessly. I remember my loud denunciation of the caste divide, which to my bad luck incited my compatriots, being privileged Brahmin-class, jumped defending the same as divine- sanctioned truths and sacred for all times. Thereafter a big brouhaha - free- for- all erupted with me as to the meanings and the nature of truth and falsehood. I remember telling them my views of the nature of what is truth, where does truth end and falsehood begin. Where does a semi-truth morph into a little white lie which little white-lie becomes a damned lie. Does such morphed truth matters at all when the line dividing so-called truth and falsehood stands blurred. And then why should we concern ourselves with the nature of these truths and lies, I stressed, this was very important to understand, for a lie told and retold often enough is perceived as divinely sanctioned truth, and such unchallenged lie causes miseries for ever and even changes the course of human destinies, as is the case of caste factor which in fact is a skein of lies spun into a golden fabric of truth in Indian society. Now we cannot destroy this golden fabric of caste- factor- truths, we can only endure it because these our worst of lies we tell ourselves as divine truths.

I remember I got support from my mentors, Mufti Jalal-ud-Din, B.k.Madan our professors. "ghur tu khaahee taazzaa kardan daagh-haay seen ra, /Ghahay ghahay baaz khaan ein kiss-ay paareena ra" You see the aftermath results operative even after centuries in "Mera Desh Mahan”.

Please excuse my living my past as I lived depicting my Lal-chowk coming of age in crumbling knees. Now no amount of wishful thinking can change our society.


Khalid Wasim

Hope you are doing well. Your Article on Sunday special of GK today is very impressive and whatever you said is need of hour. I totally agree with you that history is very important, not only to know what all is Kashmiri in origin, but also introspection to know our faults.
Abstract idea about Azadi will not live long, we need to come up with concrete thoughts what it means, why it is needed and what are ill deeds of occupation, what is occupation, how Kashmir is occupied....the leaders need to be articulate about it and also the aspirants of Azadi...Mere Azadi bari-ye-Islam will not be beneficial...we need leaders for carrying out this struggle of self-determination, rather than Imam's for mosques. which Masha-Allah we have lots...I mean to say we most often judge a leader by his religious credentials...Nimaz Padta hai ki nahi...Dadi hai ke nahi..etc....I am not its not important but it cannot be the only thing because we have seen the people who used to recite Sura- Yasin at Hazratbal, could not prove the real leaders for Azadi and made a sell-out in 1975.


Devinder Singh Raina, Jammu University

Your article “United Jammu & Kashmir” reflected great depth and breadth. This could only come from a person with outstanding scholarship and experience.


Mohammad Shafi Wani

I have been reading your articles since long. Some times I do miss to
read. I shall be highly obliged if you send me your articles through
mail. I may add here that the contribution you are making for the
Kashmir is among the few which are highly appreciable. May Allah
Almighty keep you in fine health as your contribution is badly needed.


Aijaz Ganaie, Kashmir University

Dear Sir, I am a student of Kashmir university dept. of chemistry, is a regular reader of GK NEWSPAPER .Today I find your article entitled as ''Democracy Survives in Pakistan”. Sir your every article is genuine and touching current world problems. Dear Sir, I request your esteemed being that is there any source where all your articles are compiled. If such a felicity is there I will be ever indebted to you if your kindness inform me with the said issue. I hope you will inform me back.


M.Yaseen, Saudi Arabia


Sir, I had done graduation, but I know, I did it to get my self called professional, not to be a professional.
All the taste of education I feel lost............
What are your views about leaving of pandits from valley?
Do you feel any impact on education stream? Well for me I feel yes… a tremendous impact on our education...

Beena Sarwar, Karachi, Pakistan

Ashraf ji
Thanks for your email. I'm afraid that romanticising Musharraf is
somewhat dangerous because of the reasons I mentioned in my earlier
email. Pakistan is a complex place and needs to first save itself before it
can save anyone else. Re Iqbal and Jinnah's dreams -- the bottom line
is that politics based on religion are ultimately destructive.
regards, Beena


Beena Sarwar, Karachi, Pakistan.

Respectfully I would disagree with your contention that Musharraf was
the best hope for Pk-India peace (Zardari has gone even further in
terms of things he has said).

You say that Musharraf "had successfully kept in check the extremist
forces which are now having a ball in different parts of the
sub-continent. The Lal Masjid episode, the Balauch uprising, the FATA
campaign against foreign elements clearly showed that the General had
the guts to take extremists head on."

He made the right noises about India and Pakistan but don't forget he
was the architect of the Kargil infiltration. It was during his time
that the extremist forces gained in strength (partly due to
circumstances arising from 9/11). Re: the Lal Masjid episode - he used
disproportionate and belated force after years of allowing the Lal
Masjid clerics to arm and strengthen themselves under the nose of the
army and the ISI, all the while using encroached land to carry on
their activities (they rose up after the local government in an
anti-encroachment drive sent them a notice about the illegal land
usurpation, done during the Zia years). The Baluch uprising had
nothing to do with 'extremism', while the Pk army achieved nothing in
the FATA campaign.

Finally, he was not a legitimately elected leader and had no right to
make any promises or deals.


Vinod Razdan

Salam from a younger brother.
On seeing BUNGUS valley photograph, you have taken me back to the year 1973 when as a student of TDC; I visited this place through ZACHALDORE. While trekking upward I heard my examination result from the transistor of a senior doctor of SMHS hospital.Lakut & bod Bungus both are beautiful. My soul is still wandering in those areas. I too have extensively trekked all parts of my Kashmir including on motorcycle to Khardungla.Nmaskar.



Peerzada Mumtaz Ahmed

It was, as usual, a pleasure to read your article. Thanks for sending it on to me.

To me it seems that it is your (inner) fond hope also, that, Musharraf comes back like a Knight on a white charger and saves his country from SELF-DESTRUCTION, a quality the Pakistani cricket team is often accused of. It seems to be their national pastime as they indulge in it almost with pleasure. I also wish Pakistan well, because as you have rightly pointed out, whatever people might say the destinies of India and Pakistan are linked together not only because of History but more so due to Geography - something from which no nation can extricate itself .

I have only one thing against Musharraf. He destroyed the independence of the Judiciary, or whatever (facade) was left of it. For that crime alone he deserves the Capital punishment. Strong thoughts. Yes. But, even this punishment is less for the enormity of the crime committed and its loooong after effects.

So let us wait and see what the sub-continent has in store, for future. Keep your fingers crossed. Bye for now.

Yaseen Shalla

Sir, this article touched my heart too, I still remember, the days when valley was in deep mess by so-called militancy, one was feeling very enjoying and a heavenly atmosphere in Jammu as compared to Kashmir, I used to be as student and still remember the rush of people, the busy markets and was often feeling very sad to cross back to valley. Although, it is somehow due to bad times, the people of Jammu arose against Kashmiris; otherwise I myself feel Jammuites were peace loving and humble nature people.


Shah Tanveer Aziz

Congrates on publishing your articles across the state print media.
I am delighted!!!

Mohammad Ashraf Khanji

respected m ashraf sahib
asalam u alikum

This is with reference to your article with caption 'jammu nostalgia' which appeared in kt today. The article is very interesting, based on facts, explaining and enlightening.

I use to read all of ur articles appearing in newspapers from time to time. I remember your speech made in a function organised by friends of ladakh in Jammu University in VC’s chamber.  I remember the way of your presentation and hold on all around knowledge. The said article also makes the mind fresh and takes one down the memory lane. The presentation is very interesting, and one feels himself experiencing and enjoying a visit in Jammu or the journey around. congrats.....


Maqbool Khan 

I am regular reader of your article getting published in GK. I appreciate your efforts to high light the core issues related to problems in our society and the solutions therewith. Your articles reflects the voice of every honest person who is willing to do good things for Kashmiri society .I am impressed by your article in particular to corrupt practice and its influence on our society which is very much true face of Kashmiri society. Further I share the same idea that government should not create more armed personals with out productivity rather they should create more technical jobs. looking back at my carrier I feel it is must to create opportunities to youths in technical field and train them so that they can have better future and deliver there level best but Irony of situation is all our planners are bureaucrats who do not possess any technical background and so called technocrats in engineering departments have taken the job of clerks for calculating their percentage. Opportunities are there but the question is that how to tap them you will agree that recently Baglair hydro power project was commissioned every body in administration was watching when the project will get completed in order to score their ranks without any heed who and how to run .This was the golden opportunity for the administration to organize training programs for young aspirants .Being the expert in the power field I know very well if you want to train any person then you have to engage them from design stage to commissioning stage now the power plant is in operation stage but very little is left for them to learn in terms of system. This opportunity was at door step but no body availed because of lack of information and knowledge. The main Question is whom to punish and how to change this situation. Finally I salute you for your dedication and hope this

Will continue to contribute to our sick and corrupt society.



Mir Abdur Raouf

Great Stuff!!

I particularly liked the statement that "One is a long cherished goal involving the sentiments and emotions of the people and the other is the practical reality of day to day living". I believe that everybody has to understand this be it the centre or people watching from above (Read USA ).



Sajjad Malik

I have been an ardent reader of all of your articles, since times I don't actually remember. Today's article, however forced me to think of two things and a bit of commentary I would like to do on both of them separately. They are as under and I would be grateful, if you could give me your scholarly feedback on both of them please.

1) Going to vote was a dragon on the spirit of our freedom movement, (quite obvious);- Just before the voting began, the Indian mouthpiece (the so called main stream parties of India) began beating a drum, with a statement that "elections have got nothing to do with Kashmir resolution, and that hurriyat has its part to do". This statement did lot of damage, as a Kashmiri, who knows nothing about the capricious designs of India ; was lured to booth, with a notion that the party he will elect would solve his roads and hospital problems.

Floating in the same saga, I witnessed many Kashmiri scholars writing in favour of Elections on our own Greater Kashmir !!!!

Not wasting our time in discussing the role of Hurriyat (as they are busy calling names to each other), the point I want to make here is that a common Kashmiri living on the lap of mountains, so far away from Delhi posh offices where his future is been designed by the most nefarious people we know; had to fall in their trap. They not only meticulously designed the E-process but also built up a mammoth team to make it a success.

I hence guess, it's not a "genetic problem" what we have developed by constant oppression. It's been a problem with India itself during its struggle against British. (The 10% factor what you have mentioned fits very rightly here)

2) The leadership as we all know is defunct. As sister Hameeda Nayeem has pointed out that calling the hartals off, after Pahalgam land row was a mistake, I am strongly of the view that the Kashmiri leadership was put on sale at Gulmarg (or if not, then blackmailed for some reasons). We gave an excuse of harvesting time, the exams...what idiocy! We have lost an odd number of 100,000 young buds and we at such a crucial time were worried about Exams! That was more of a problem...and I guess all India (with MK Narayanan taking the lead) should have done, they did it. It will take Hurriyat ages to find a cause again to get people on streets and who knows the contemporary Hurriyat may be the ruling part of Indian occupied Kashmir at that time... (by the way, did hurriyat have the people on streets or was it other way round?)

Writing all this, I am not against the whole lot...there are people like Yaseen Malik and Shabir shah, who pose a real threat to India (perhaps a reason that they are put behind bars during election times and the rest including Mr Geelani are kept in their homes!). The point I want to make here is that its not that we don't have a good shepherd, indeed we do have one, but to work against the might of India we need so many of them. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY all of them in ONE STRONG VOICE. SELFLESS, not craving for power and leadership, but aiming the tunnel of darkness, thinking to rip thro it and mobilising their resources to get us out of this gorge.

The complete shutdowns on 15 august and 26th January will continue, and that signifies our resentment towards India . It signifies that we still want freedom, and we still believe in our leaders...but then they got to do their homework properly. They got to gauge the feelings of a common Kashmiri. They got to arouse people, with emotions, with patriotism, persuade them to leap forward. Look for social welfare, arrange a mega-marriage concert, ask the settled young boys to marry a poor orphan girl (like the one we had in 80's at eidgah), reach out to poor and oppressed. Try the best they can and win people who are ready to be won.



Abid Zargar

In response to, "Fragile Peace Process".

I hope this article reaches out to many Indian and Pakistani peace loving people. This article would definitely make the thoughtful to think about the direction India and Pakistan should take.

Unfortunately, your articles do not show up if we do search for Kashmir in Google News.

Please advise your web programmer to configure your website to facilitate that. It is very important that these articles are read around the world.



Mubashir Wani

In response to "Unpredictable Kashmiri"
You have aptly described what we are but you haven’t told us what we should be. You have glorified our unpredictability but you have failed to identify weakness in our character. Mughlas, Afgans and Dogras have come but have we Kashmiris expelled them or they have fought for Kashmir among themselves. Blaming Pakistan and India for everything is not just; it is we who swindle between Azadi and Anti-Azadi and bring these nations to verge of War. We are most cheat and cunning community in entire world. We have lead our youth to face bullets both during armed insurgency and anti India protects but ultimately our bread, our road, our economics, our own interest and our own self is more important to us than sacrifices. Allaha is the only saviour otherwise we are a dead lot. Personally I am ashamed to be called a Kashmiri. Had we a little bit of conscience we would have never come out to vote. What can our leaders do? At the outset how can they be better than what we individually and collectively are? Besides not only we as ordinary citizens but also our intellectuals mercilessly smack our revolutionary leaders for their human errors. We put them along side with angels and always expect them to stand tall against all odds when on the contrary we not only condone traitors but we participate actively in the acts of infidelity and electioneering. As a human-being it is more appropriate for us to accept slavery and live not at the expense of those whom we get killed in protests. Shame on Us.


Yedullah Saleem

In response to “Misplaced Priorities”.
Wonderful. Could efforts be made outside the system of insensitive politicians and apathetic Government agencies? I would like to join any such endeavour on ground to prevent further environmental degradation. .


Abid Zargar

Unfortunately, state of present day leaders in Kashmir is dismal. You had rightly mentioned in one of your articles...that Kashmiris need a Budshah....Ironically, one of the big shots in Kashmir politics recently announced that Kashmir cannot survive as an independent nation. It is extremely painful to see that on one hand natural resources of Kashmir are being looted at full speed and on the other hand Kashmiris are made to believe that Kashmiris cannot survive without the mercy of non-Kashmiris. Kashmir has all the ingredients of beating our neighbours in economic development provided we have the right leadership. Kashmir can become one of the most prosperous nations. When India with 400 million living under poverty line can become an economic giant, why cannot Kashmir with so many natural resources.


G A Reshi,
Tangmarg, Kashmir

Your site is excellent and your contribution historical. I would like to suggest your good self to incorporate a new tab in your site for guests so that selected articles can be given a placement that will make your site colourful.


Mohit ‘Mo’ Vij
General Informatics, LA, USA.

It was a pleasure going through the contents of your website and learning so much more about Kashmir and yourself. I was born in Srinagar in 1971 and lived a good part in Pahalgam/Srinagar. I did my Engineering from Thapar and then moved to US for higher studies. Presently I am the CEO of an IT firm. I try to visit Kashmir at least every two years if not more often, even amidst militancy and despite being the minority  really that doesn’t matter – like you said – Kashmir First! - Its my birthplace, my country, my people and I can feel it every time I get back. I want to do something within my reach for its people… the state of the affairs is so sad….I try to gather whatever I can on the internet and my brother even runs the site – He even had the opportunity to attend the Jawahar Lal Mountaineering Institute in Pahalgam in 1988, I believe (Since that’s area of your interest). Anyway it was great reading about you – it’s good to find good Kashmiris – anywhere.


Shada Malik,

Overplaying the terror threat, I am in agreement with your argument. I do not believe the terrorist threat in India is as critical as that projected by the Government and the intelligence agencies. The Spanish have suffered more since 9/11 than the Indians, yet they have not become hysterical about the terror threat, and there certainly isn’t witch hunt against Muslims there, nor are they beating their breasts about identity and loyalty. The prospect of being knifed or violently assaulted in India is more likely than being blown up by a terrorist bomb. And, of course the damage to the world caused by our wastefulness, excesses and abuse of the environment is phenomenal. I think the Indian Government ought to get its perspective right; think long-term for global benefit and stop its knee–jerk reaction to Muslim issues. There are bigger and more serious issues in society that need urgent attention.


Mirza Adil

Hi.My name is adil and I am an MBA student. As usual your articles are as mesmerising as ever. Your articles are without bias. I love your articles especially on tourism because I have got this wanderlust and the gene for it maybe I have acquired from my father. I read your articles imagining myself to be present there and your articles give me utmost happiness and satisfaction. Well it is suffice to say that your articles are absolutely fantastic from beginning to end. Last but not the least it is your lucid style which is very appealing and influencing. Looking forward to read your more articles in near future.


Muzamil Wani

First of all I would like to congratulate & also like to say to carry on this work. I am greatly impressed with the lines that you have written in your article (Is the Paramilitary ill-trained and undisciplined or under specific instructions to brutalise Kashmiri people, someone needs to answer). Brother I am out of state & I do read GK regularly specially Sunday edition & always search for these kinds of articles. Tears come out from my eyes while reading your article. I myself lost a good friend in this agitation. Thanks


Qasim Jafri,Lahore.

Great article Ashraf bhai. I have shared it with many friends around the world.


Taha Islam, London.

Once again a brilliant and an informative article. I see your point clearly and agree, if this is not stopped we will see Pakistan and India in pieces in the near future. Once again our able politicians will be responsible for such devastation from both sides. I suggest you write something on Zardari also, now that he has stepped into the President's domain in Pakistan, he is going rave devastation in Pakistan and agree to India's terms in all possible forms and manners.


Mohsin Yaseen, Chicago.

"BJP plans Kashmir Secession" is a very interesting article with a different viewpoint on the current turmoil of the Amarnath Yatra. Definitely, India has not stood for its proclaimed democratic or secular values in Kashmir. If only India had not been ruthless in it's handling of crisis in the state for last 20 years we would not have been in such a situation. Kashmiri's feel a strong double-standard meted out to them simply because they are the only "Muslim" majority state, and the security forces are trigger-happy at the slightest proclamation of the universal human right to protest against injustices.

At the same time if the Kashmiri pandits had not been migrated at the hands of the Indian government this situation would not have risen. The Pandits were part and parcel of the Kashmir state and represented the diversity, intellect, and freedom in the society. The Pandits have unfortunately lost their nation and been neglected by the very government that migrated them which has also stemmed this agitation in Jammu.

Kashmiris are "sandwiched" between India and Pakistan as both countries prefer to wage their battle away from their mainland. Kashmiris as such have no issues with the populace of both countries, we would be much better economically if people from both sides were able to travel safely to the state for tourism and enjoy the heavenly beauty.

Lastly, we Kashmiri's need to unite ourselves so that we can state our views and protest like Ghandi himself; peacefully!


Mirza Gazanfar Ali






Inayat Ullah Khan

I praise ALLAH and invoke His blessings and Protections upon all of you. I have already read your article in yesterday's issue of Greater Kashmir and have also read your article of hi-jacking of Amira Kadal. Your later article brought profuse tears of remembrances of things past in its wide sweep of nostalgia. I was there on that historical and fateful day-a young boy surprised to see history unfolding when our late leader Janab Sheikh Sahib welcomed in the finest spirits of our culture and traditions the greatest leader of undivided India. It was a demonstration of our pure, honest, and friendly ethos that we showed. We all joined in honest appreciations of the occasions.

When I was struck DUMB to hear the couplet"Mun tu shudam------"I say Dumb,the couplet was humble offering by Maulana Roum to Hazoor Sarvarai Kayanat Rasul-ai-pak.I was drained of even the strength to walk. Thereafter I hastily retreated and have remained in deep prayers to save my brothers and sisters. You see the after effects. Now only ALLAH will save us.

Your second article is so well written, logical and timely that I humbly salute and offer my benedictions for Lord’s blessings and guidance upon you. Your profound observations and disarming arguments are relevance will convince all who believe in fairplay and justice.
"Aiy sahib-ai-nazr zauq-nazr khoob hai laikn

Jau shaiy ki haqeeqat ko na daikhay woh nazr kya"


Rafique Junaid

QUITE WELL WRITTEN; THANKS FOR THE LINK; India and Pakistan should now concentrate on the bottom line, reconcile their differences, help together in getting the Maharaja State its rightful status and move forwards. Both are lagging behind in development and innocent people are suffering a lot. However, in the current context, what your good self has written is very appropriate.


Nazima Babar Reshi, Islamabad.

After reading article "Lal Chowk hijacked" I feel you can aptly name it "Kashmir hijacked". What good is the land to Kashmiris, when Indians kill its entire people? Killing doesn't have to be physical. By breaking their spirits; no, not breaking but annihilating Kashmiris Indians can achieve 'complete' damage. We need Jinnah and Gandhi rolled into one in order to defeat Indians. Meanwhile keep safe and Allah be with you.


A Rauf, Srinagar.

Thanks for mailing the article, which I enjoyed reading it. I fully endorse your assessment & the suggestion is the only alternative left otherwise " TUMARI DASTAN BE NA HOGI DASTANO MAIN". I am circulating the article among my friends of coffee club.


Taha Islam, London.

I read your article and it's brilliant. I suppose more of this knowledge should be passed from scholars like you on to the younger generation. It does leave an impression on your mind when you get to know the history of your mother land.


Arif Jan, QA/QC /Electrical Design Engineer.

First of all let me appreciate your efforts. Lal Chowk Hijacked, the word used "Hijacked" itself reveals its pain.Infact the whole Kashmir has been Hijacked and Kashmiri people are held hostages.

The people of Kashmir have been fighting for independence from last 78 years. The 1931 protest led to the "Quit Kashmir" campaign against the Maharajah. Kashmiris are being butchered but Kashmiris have not given up. It is a struggle for the basic rights of freedom and democracy we all desire as human beings.

A Kashmiri will continue to harbour this wish of one day hoisting his own national flag in this world famous town centre of Srinagar. He has desired this for last so many centuries and a few more years won't make a difference!

I am very much agreed with your above para saying "A Kashmiri will....few more years won't make a difference "Now it's time for people of India & Pakistan to think lets free Kashmir and end the bloodshed. A large majority of educated Kashmiris, Indians, and Pakistanis would agree with this, else we will just go deeper and deeper into the cycle of bloodshed.Kashmiris are peace loving people and the present peaceful protests spreads the message in the whole world that "We Kashmiris are against global terrorism" However, we cannot bury our heads in the sand and ignore the human rights violations.

The people of Kashmir deserve the right to decide their own destiny, to build their land, to work freely for a living, to practice their religion, to educate their youth, and to live a life without fear, without humiliation, without unlawful incarceration, without daily bloodshed, without daily searches, without discrimination.

I am presently working in Brussels & I was keeping a close eye on present situation in Kashmir and I am thankful to Greater Kashmir staff for keeping all NRK updated through online edition. Indian administration used brutal force against peaceful protestors and even the force didn't spared expected woman, harassment, damaging windows panes, use of abusive language, damaging property, Economic blockade, use of razor type tin sheets. They breached freedom of press .It is shocking! Is this is the real face of Indian administration?

Your efforts are appreciated & it is a good to see your website "First Kashmir". It is simple and compact.


Yedullah Saleem

Wonderful article coming straight from heart of a Kashmiri. The couplet perhaps reads as under: “Man tu shudam, tu man shudi; Ta Kas na Goyed, man degeram tu degeri" It can be translated as:"I became you and you became I; so none could say you are separate from me"......... I agree that a Kashmiri cannot be suppressed for ever. Poet/historian Fauq said in 1890s "Kashmir hai ek sher, magar soya hua; Jab jagega hoga sab teh wa bala" The lion has finally awakened, everything is topsy turvy. Go on writing and keep the flame alive.


M.Yasseen, Radiology Department,
Saudi German Hospital, K.S.A

Thanks for sending this note of information, as it really covers every aspect of realities previaled in Kashmir. Kindly do intimate me in future regarding those valuable informats.


Fraooq Sofi, Chicago-IL

A well written article exposing Indian continued designs of Gulag in valley. I have forwarded it to as many people I know. Keep it up.


Dr.Aslam Qazi

Aslamalykum from los angles.I used to read your articles with regard to kashmir sometimes in the past in the greater kashmir and had liked your articles about kashmir. I am surprised that i have not read your article in the said newspaper for quite sometime.Infact i had written a letter of appreciation to you then.The present article remind me of that historic day when i was present in Lal chowk that day as a child accompanying my father.I must admit your articles are just superb and wish you could give your artcles a book form.


Jahangir Mir

I want to recollect your memory, infact we had a brief interaction some months ago when you were on way to my office at Civil Secretariat regarding some passport issue. I've been reading your articles for quite some time. Although i dont have scholarly IQ to understand the delicacy and the great thought of an author but still as a lay-man if i dont acknowledge the idea behind your writing, it would be injustice. Today's article must be an eye-opener to all peace loving and patriotic citizens. I salute you.


Abid Zargar

Your recent article "Blackmailing Kashmiris...." is very profound summary of problems Kashmiri nation is facing. I think it is extremely important at this stage that we have a platform where people who have Kashmiriyat at the core of heart have a collective voice. Those who are not driven by political agendas need to form a institue for strategic thinking for Kashmir where complex issues can be translated in simple language which our kashmiri brothren can understand. For example, most of the top bureaucracy in kashmir today is non-kashmiri where majority of those is following the agenda of diluting Kashmiriyat and ironically no one seems to be bothered by this.


Salim Khan
Maather Technologies

I just went through your website and I was great to read the articles that are posted on it. But one thing I want to suggest is that the articles should in paragraph so it can be easily read. Truly I was lost many times between lines. So it is better to have paragraphs in articles. Else it is nice work. Thanks for reading my mail.


Imran Ali Wajidi
New Delhi

My name is Imran Ali Wajidi. I'm in Delhi but I keep in touch with the affairs back home through online newspapers like Greater Kashmir. I read your article regarding the transfer of 100 acres forest land to Amarnath board. Your article provided us with a brief insight into the past that our motherland has been through and integrating it with the politics that oppressors have played upon it. I was happy to note that people like you are doing a good job of educating and awakening others on the matters of our homeland and religion through these kinds of articles. I greatly appreciate your work and keep it up!.


Malik Manzoor Naqshbandi
Publicity Secretory Markaz-i-Naqshbandiyya J&K

Accept my regards. I am really ifluenced & impressed by the quality and well researched Articles on Kashmir. It is really tremendous & good to see your Articles in Greater Kashmir. May Allah shower his blessings upon you & protect you Always. I find your website very informative. I love to read your artricles but this article was nice GENERAL SINHA UNITS HURRIYAT, it is much needed to day.


Inayat ullah

Once again our humble benedictions to ALLAH PAK to bless,guide and protect you for all times.Ameen.I was moved to tears to read your bold,profound, penetrative and truthful defence of our culture and ethics, social heritage and community life which are already teetering on grey zones of endangered species.The dehumanising rejoinder from one Mr; Bhat was a complete non-issue and worth relegation to dust heap of garbage.It is no surprise that the centuries old nefarious and prejudicial machinations are still feverishly active, waiting for total obliteration of our finest traditions and prestine glorious heritage.

My dear,always be aware that some of our compatriots are not blessed with DNA of relationships which is uniquely designed for healthy and affectionate and co-operative life.Trust In ALLAH.May HE always guard,protect and bless you and your noble parents ameen.


Asmat Ashai
Volunteer Coordinator
MCC Medical Clinic, USA

I applaud you for bringing out the Vision statement of the Institute. I am enraged and thank you for taking on Prof. Bhat in such an intellectual manner. I have been in the United States for the last thirty two years but I am still emotionally drawn to every thing that takes place in Kashmir. Now that the internet has revolutionized the information industry it is easier to keep up with what is going on. Please keep informing us through your writings.


Inayat u.Khan

I always offer benediction for Allah's blessing upon you to be so studiously trying to save for all posterity what remains of the cultural and religious identity of our society in kashmir. Ever since I started reading your thoughtful and well researched articles on kashmir you have always remained in my thoughts and prayers to Lord to bless you and your house ameen.

I am deeply impressed by your well-written, researched and inspirational article. I wish there were many such dedicated young men to save our society. Your last para is a pointer towards a very sinster diabolical well thought out scheme for achieving complete obliteration of our distinct, separate culture and glorious heritage of our past.


Rahil Yousuf

The article (Genesis of corruption) you have written is really awesome. Actually I was planning to write on this topic, as I have just returned from Srinagar a week ago and I still have this bad taste in my mouth.

Fyi, I am a Kashmiri, but am living outside Kashmir from over a decade - first as a student and now as a professional.

Now, adding to your fablous article, I recenty had a contact with state as well as central govt. offices in Srinagar- RTO, External affairs to name a few. Private firms or govt. organizations run by private agencies are not that behind also- Srinagar airport being a prominent one. The word "Chai" (tea) is more likely the mostly used word other than the word "corruption".

Literally, a simple sentence speaks it all "Rules beyond Jawahar Tunnel are different". This is the sentence I came across on number of occasions. Interestingly, I was awarded a slang "Khoshik" (dry) when I refused to give "Chai", followed by the rules beyond Jawahar tunnel.

Ashraf, you are damn right, if people at the top stop this practice the lower staff wont dare. But if we think realisticly, do you think this is possible. The top notch should be exposed otherwise their influential status will always save them. Again, we must not put this onus on politicians. If we do so our conversation wont be more than a good sounding article of a fairytale.

Ashraf, your words are powerful. Why wont you continue writing on this topic? And may be this time around jot down some sentences those will involve school and college students. Because I believe corruption starts from every home- let it be forging an electric bill or bribing a treasure official for the clearance of bills, and so on.

At the end I appreciate your efforts, and also thank Mr. Fayaz for giving space for such a lovely piece of information.

Ashraf, I have a question for you. It seems you have done research on this, as I saw references to history. My question is - Do Kashmiri's belong to some king dynasty which may be the reason of their ego of being superior to rest of the world?


Eng'r Noor Ul Mushtaq
Al Taaraf Group of Companies, Dubai

The website is so impressive and beautiful that it brought tears of joy to me.I really appreciate your work with all my heartiest feelings and admiration,First time i saw that any kashmiri muslim has done a great job without the greed of any political and religious publicity. May Allah show his mercy over you always.


Dr. Shabir, Cardiologist

hi, my name is dr shabir qadri and i am a KASHMIRI working abord as cardiologist,i went thru ur editorial today in GK ,really u need appreciation for writing it as it is a matter of fact that none can help us(kashmiris) unless we help ourselves.


Rafiq Ahmad Ganie

asalamuailaikum sir i am your big fan my name is m.rafiq.hailing from bijbehara i like your kashmir centric articles .your columns carry very good knowladge of our beautifull prison that helps me to understand our kashmir sir you are source of inspiration for me.


Tadeusz Slupski,
Resident of San Diego USA and Warsaw, Poland

In the Ladakh Times website I have read with a big interest your article on the Opening New Routes to Ladakh. You wrote about possibility of reopening of the old caravan route from Kargil to Gilgit. In the year of Olympic Games in Beijing - I hope for a new progress in openness between nations, and some progress on the Western Tibet border, naturally the good will of two states is necessary.

Last year I visited Kashgar and tried to find foot-prints of a Polish traveller Bronislaw Grabczewski, who first crossed Hindu Kush and Karakorum range from Kashgar to Kanjut ( now: Hunza Valley ) in 1888, and also to Panamik in Ladakh through Karakorum Pass - so my dream is to repeat his route if political situation and border regulations allow. I would like to write a book about the early travellers from Eastern Europe - like Alexander Csoma de Koros in Zangskar, Grabczewski, Przewalski etc.

This year I am planning to visit your country again with my family, after 10 years and to see my old friends there, and their families, and to see the changes after 10 years, when I crossed Poat La with my son, going from Chamba through Pangi to Padum-Zangskar, and after 30 years, when I visited India, Kashmir and Zangskar my first time.

I would like also to know if you can be Mr Ashraf, Director of Tourist Department in Srinagar in 1977. If so - you may remember me - I crossed in October 1977 Himalaya on myself from Kishtwar through Kiar and Darang-Durung glaciers to Pantse La ( or Pensi La ), and was stuck by a big snowfall in Zangskar till the end of November. Mr Ashraf's brother or cousin, who had a high post in the Ministerium of Internal Affairs helped me to obtain prolongation of my visa and was very kind to take my by the Ministry vehicle to Jammu. I always remember their great help.


Munzir, Deutsche Bank

Salam Hi this is munzir. Let me introduce my self. I am from kashmir n have been studying and working in bangalore since six years. well it feels great to write to a person like u. I am really impressed with kashmirfirst. I believe in self governance and demilitarization of kashmir. Most of the well educated guys from my generation are leaving our homeland such a beautiful place n work in other states and countries. We browse net every day check mails chat with friend's and waist time on communities sites like friend finders, orkut , facebook etc But i hardly think any body even checks any news about what is happening back home. No body seems to be really interested. I started some communities but the response was pathetic. I really appreciate your work bec i think we should be with the technology and then only can we have our existence. so keep the good work going.


I need to inform you that I have been following your articles with avowed delight and appreciation. However, the subject article has been the most incisive, analytical, mutually exclusive and exhaustive, and has unfolded a probable solution with due considerations to a decision making principle termed as "the process of elimination". 

Nassarullah Khan

I hope u are in good mood. I am a journalism student. I have been reading your articles. especially with regard to Kashmir history and its related different issues. It is really thought provoking, educative, and informative. There are some elements who are all time deliberately distort our history by giving incorrect deceiving, and misleading historical facts. In fact noted columnist zg mohammed has raised several time in his articles that there is need to re examine and evaluate the all historical books related to Kashmir even the old raj tarangni. This is the time when we have not only to think seriously but we have to act especially our sincere, honest, credible historians have a great responsibility to rewrite Kashmir history so that anti Kashmiri elements who are trying hard to dilute our culture, history. Kashmiriyat, sindho darshan, amarnath yatra, and baseless myths about Kashmiris are well planned programme to create identity crises among Kashmiris. Our younger generation has no relation

Of our bright history and the same time their fore fathers are telling baseless facts

especially about Kashmir problem which was created in 47. As u are trying hard to not only giving right information, facts but also connecting the younger generation to their roots. u and other conscious Kashmiris especially honest historians, intellectuals(who are not govt paid), journalists,  have to start campaign so that all the Kashmiris getting real, unbiased, right picture of our historical facts including political facts which are manipulated or deliberately distorted in the  name of national interest or security. I need your help. Where I get books that will give insight of whole Kashmir history. I hope u will give me advice of and on so that would able to fight with these elements on this field. I will wait your response

   Plz give me name of those books which will help me in this regard

Mohammad Shafi Magrey

I came to know about this site through today's GK newspaper, it is great to have a site like this, since it is a new site and most of the people who are out side Kashmir will visit the site, I will suggest you to keep the articles limited and well targeted.


Saw the advert of the website on GK and decided to check it out. I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful piece of work. I have just skimmed through the site and the information it give is great especially about the history. I would like to see more and more photographs on the site.

Dawood Ahmad Zahri

I got the address for your website on I must say after just looking at it for an hour or so I think it's a very educational website. It is very nice of Mr Ashraf and the staff to spend their valuable time to do research and present it to public. I live in America and have been living here for almost 13 yrs. Even though I visit Kashmir every year but there is a lot that I don't know about Kashmir that I learnt today. Anyhow, it's funny because my mother used to work in Youth Service and Sports Dept. old secretariat.
Well, I would like to hear more about our heritage. This always bothers me that I don't know where we came from. I would appreciate it if you guys can do more research on the subject.

Noorul Quereshi

Assalaumu Alaikum Mr Ashraf, Today for the first time I visited "Kashmir First" and I am glad I did. You have written a variety of articles and the subjects are of such significance to Kashmir and Kashmiris, that as a fellow Kashmiri, I must say "Khuda Keray ki Deay Zore Qalam Aur Ziyada." I have read a couple of your articles and Insha'Allah I will keep reading as long as people like you keep writing them. "A Welcome Awakening" has really moved my heart. That subject is also very dear to me. I have discussed it in various online forums. I was curious, if there is anyway I could give my comments on the article. I would also like to know, if you would allow others to write here.

Aftab Ahmad

It is a moment of pleasure for me, & I think for every Kashmiri, to see your consolidated work available at a single place on this website. You have done a remarkable job throughout your career & the great thing is that you are still on the same track. I have been hearing about you & your work from my father, who had been your batch mate at REC Naseem Bagh-Civil wing, right from my childhood. But I don't know if you remember him. Anyway the job you are up to is a really an appreciable one. Congratulations. I myself love the adventure sports & had been involved with many trekking events during my college days. I shall be sending you some beautiful pictures of Kashmir which you can upload on the site.

Farooq Sofi

I am pleased to see your new website. I have been reading your all articles in GK regularly. Kindly continue to highlight tourism of Kashmir and particularly those places which are equally scenic but sadly unknown to people outside. I feel lucky that I have been a member of J&K mountaineering club whose activities should be part of this website.
I wish you all success in future tasks for this website.

Faisal Punjabi

First of all congrats for initiating this step in the valley. Boss, add some interesting updates, so that at least max. Peoples will open this site.  Job news of Kashmir, add this column. And some pictures of valley. Plz confirm weather you read my mail or not. Bye, my wishes are always with KASHMIR FIRST. Faisal Punjabi nawakadal

Aamir Khan

I would like to congratulate you to come up with such nice bundled information about Kashmir and its different aspects. I am working in Bangalore and always wanted to write my contribution of thoughts related to my home land and its growth and prospects; I really miss Kashmir a lot. You have initiated a commendable approach for which I wish you all the best and keep the good work going.

Also please let me know if I can contribute my thoughts to be put on this site.

Arif Nazir Jan

I am working as electrical engg in U.S Army Corps of Engineers in Arlington, my native place is Kashmir & my father is retd officer of TSM (Nazir A Jan).I like the way u represented the Kashmir.1 suggestion plz try to make ur website simpler, compact & in sections with photographs.


I have great respect for the people who by any means bring up Kashmir and its day to day life. I appreciate the step you have taken by launching this site. However, I feel there should be some space for Kashmiris residing outside valley. There should be a highlighted area on site for these people where they could tell readers about themselves. Some have done outstanding job in their respective fields.

I wish all the best to

Shah Tanveer Aziz           

It is a very good step. My first job in the morning is to get hooked with the net and surf the local newspaper "Greater Kashmir". It looks great when the areas relating to tourism are touched in all aspects. Whether it's some achievements or Govt's and public negligence casting the   bad effect on our tourism. I would like to have a forum on this website where each member will share the ideas to renovate our leftover tourism in Kashmir. I also would like to have a section which will highlight the issues about which our Govt. and in fact general public is putting deaf ear such as "to save Dal lake, Govt's negligence and fault of responsible authorities." This should have a direct link to the authorities and general mass so that all know about it.

Syed Shaffat

Salaam sir, congrats for launching Kashmir first. My humble submission is to start an open online club wherein concerned individuals can share their feelings & point of view.  "Yekeen mehkam amal payhum muhabat fateh e alam, jahade zindagani ma yeh haen mardoon ke shamsheeren"

Zarger Rafeeq Ahmad

It is not a suggestion but in regard to the Article `NEW SPEAK`. It really shows the absolute truth about our leader having so many faces. As I see no future for My Beloved Kashmir as long as they are there and am not sure about the next ones. As most coward people think that if one wants to make money then he has to be in any govt. related institute in Kashmir. I am 30yrs old and am last 12 years mostly out of Kashmir as I really do not see the future. I don't mean money but the place where Peace exists. If there is peace & love. That is all we need. And this will happen only when there is ABSOLUTE HONESTY which is very rare right now. We are lost but mostly due to our own elements I mean what we did without knowing its consequences in future. If u suggest me that I should not worry because GOD is there & HE will take us out of this situation. I do not believe coz HE has given us enough to think what is right and what is wrong. We must help ourselves. I appreciate u for what you are and what u wrote in the article. One needs to have courage for writing the TRUTH. Thank u SIR.


I am a student studying quite far from this heaven...although being called Kashmiri has been my inspiration. I always miss this place, "My home". Am writing no suggestion here but was really excited to read the news of launch of this website, and quickly visited it. It is really great to see such work being done......I am hopeful that this site will provide much needed information about this beautiful valley and not be stagnant as most of the sites are. It should also help in serving the society by bringing all social issues on front as is being greatly done by GK...

Mohsin Yaseen

It is a really great site with excellent info on Kashmir.
I think there is great potential for tourism in the state.
However visiting last year, I found disturbing scenes, especially the trash around our famous mughal gardens, or liquor bottles floating in the Dal Lake.
Tourism definitely has to be encouraged for the economic development of the state, but at the same time visitors and locals have to be educated on the impact and local traditions.

Dr.Nazir A Ganai

We do not find much information on this beautiful land on the face of globe.  I would suggest to put all classified information about the state at your site, to see people around the globe recognize your efforts and contribution.  I would suggest every thing from: topography (with exquisite photos), demography, history, culture, art and craft, tourism-and -places to visit with good photographs, agriculture, and more.  But of course every thing purely unbiased. This would need quite a good contribution from learned people around you. See to it. If u like, u may receive more suggestions

Altaf Qadri

My name is Altaf Qadri, a photojournalist by profession. I always enjoy reading your articles regarding Kashmir. Since our ideology matches I would like to offer my pictures for your website voluntarily. I would be glad if I can be of any help in highlighting the plight of Kashmiri people.

Chaman Lal Kantroo

Congrats. The website is much needed. One may differ with the author in part or full at places, yet it provides a potent stimulus to the mind, information, forum and also food for thought. Hope the website will overcome short comings and develope into a full bloomed portrayal of valley-in all aspects.

Muneer Ahmad Dar

Hi...  I am not going to claim anything from you guys. I just want to appreciate you efforts and dedication. I did not find any feedback option on this site so I am using this claim form to give my feed back. May Allah grant you success in the case for which you have launched this site

Roop Kishen

Your write ups are appreciable, for being research based .Just I would like to make a small correction. You have written about Hindu religion or belief that Shiva is the sustainer and Vishnu the destroyer. This is not correct. Vishnu is the sustainer and Shiva the destroyer. Plz correct it. For other things written I have no comments......yes well documented your write up is.

Got your mail and thanks for same. God is one, which all religions confirm. But He has three main works to undertake (in a very simple and humble way I say) meaning creating, sustaining, and ultimately destroying. Christians call Him by the name of GOD. Three words G for generator, O for operator, and D for destroyer. Hindus, the same way say there are three forms of that supreme power or say three main works of that supreme power, and have symbolically given particular names according to such works. Brahma the creator, Vishnu the sustainer and Shiva the destroyer. So God is only one not many. As far as Shiva's work is concerned, it is to destroy meaning the lord of death. I think I have cleared it in my humble way. Further more let me say, which of course is not our subject matter, but still.....according to Hindu religion, nobody has seen how the God Almighty looks like. So He is NIRANKAR, meaning shapeless .All the idols etc, or say photographs of various deities etc are just symbols drawn for concentration of mind. An Artists own imagination.

 Thanks again and sorry to take your time.....Roop Kishen


I was really happy to see your website. I would like u to write more about the history of Kashmir. I would also like to see more abut our culture and traditions. Since lot of people in Kashmir don't have access to internet, it would be great if u write articles in Urdu and English newspapers on our culture. Because some people are misunderstanding modernity by adapting to other lifestyles.

Zahoor Shah

I didn't see any updates on this site right from the date it started. I am a Kashmiri Computer engineer working in a software company in USA and liked this website a lot when it was started, but then everyday when I open it the same this is there. Please try to update it so that everyone can see and look it

Sohan Raina

Recently came to know about this website through Excelsior .Please explore KASHMIR fully (other than Mughal Gardens, Pahalgam &Gulmarg) so that whole World comes to know about these Tourist Spots.  You surely will have many in mind than me.  Thanks

Javaid Amin

Am one of your fans, have been reading your articles from the last 2 years especially on tourism & hydropower. Now I want think tanks like you should also suggest measures 2 help those industries which have become sick due 2 one reason r other.

Lyn Braz

I think it would be great if you  dated your articles, so readers know when they were written and posted. Can you give me the date of the article, "Himachal Blooms While Kashmiris Fight"?

S K Raina

Sir, this is a very good site especially for Kashmir origin people and in person I have liked it as it is informative about Kashmir valley. Initially while launching this site by you two photographs of Tulip flower garden & one more was available on site and not available now. Please make these available I want to download it.

Dr. Hashim Iqbal

I am working as research associate in Lal Bhadur Shastari national Acdemy of Administration, Mussoorie. I want to have some information about the history of tourism in Kashmir. Please provide me some information about the said topic if you can. Since you have been associated with that sector there is possibility that you can provide me certain useful inputs regarding that?

Manzoor Ahmad Bhat

Very much impressed by the quality, candidness, lucidity and well researched
 articles on Kashmir. One thing I would like to suggest that you have so far not written an article on the plight of widows and orphans of Kashmir. I hope you will give movement to your pen ASAP on this important issue...thanks

Dr.Fiaz Maqbool Fazili

Congrats for this step; this is what I was looking for; I know your passion for Kashmir- it is really good to see a personality like yours to lead youngsters; whom I know in absentia; many people died in Kashmir choked with sentiments and remained unsung you know them more closely- I hope you will do justice with them; Please keep it up upgrade it Dr Fiaz M Fazili. An open discussion forum-especially about your articles is needed; the hidden passion, other side of story will be unleashed, whether it is really Kashmir first? & how close it is to the teachings of our beloved prophet (pbuh) Dr Fiaz Fazili

Adil Rashid

Sir, I am a regular reader of your column Kashmir first. I appreciate your work. Keep it up and keep writing stuff like that. I am of the view that your columns regarding the tourism can present Kashmir as a Shangri-La for nature lovers at the international platform. It only needs to be marketed in a proper way. I suggest you to start a full fledged website entirely devoted to the Kashmir's tourism. It should incorporate all the facts, history, flora & fauna and other things like accommodation, mode of transport etc. This I think can do a lot good in presenting Kashmir at the international platform & also to the ailing tourism industry. Do send your humble suggestions in this regard.

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