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Sources on Kashmir
Given below are the links to the websites which carry articles, analysis, information on Kashmir.
The Kashmir Dispute – a cause or a symptom?
Development of Small Hydro Power In Jammu and Kashmir (India)
The Water Resources of the Kashmir Valley-Scarcity in Plenty
Aromatic & Medicinal Plants
Jammu and Kashmir (state, India) - Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Jammu & Kashmir
Sources from Kashmir prove Ancient Macedonians were Greeks
Kashmir Then and Now
Kashmir: Guide to the Conflict and Peace building in Kashmir
Kashmir Bibliographies
A brief history of the Kashmir conflict
Tahrik-i-Kashmir - Historical Sources
Cultural Resource Mapping of Srinagar
Ancient Monuments of Kashmir
Documents Related to Jammu and Kashmir
Kashmir: History and Background
The Birds of Kashmir & Wildlife of Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir : Education Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Jammu & Kashmir Newspapers and Magazines Online
Rajatarangini - Wikipedia, the encyclopedia
The Great History of the Events of Kashmir
Atlas of Jammu and Kashmir - Wikimedia Commons
Kashmir Retextured
A Visual Journey
Kashmir: The History of Humiliation
Historical earthquakes in Srinagar, Kashmir
A Mission in Kashmir - Andrew Whitehead
The Kashmir Crisis
Kashmiri Conflict: Historical Prospective
Google Map of Jammu & Kashmir, India - Nations Online Project
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